The Great Hunger and other things in mind.

Finally, I can get some sleep. But there’s another problem. I’m running out of food.
To be honest, there is a lot of cook able things at the kitchen. But I’m too lazy to cook. So I have to survive till the next year with only a candy bar .

I think my mind is going crazy because of lack of sleep and food. Don’t you fail me now brain! >:D The only thing keeping me sane is my magic playlist. It seems music has save the day once again.

To whoever reading this, take care of your health. Don’t be like me. Staying up late watching anime is fun but you have to take of your health. (So you can watch more anime) Eat healthy food and exercise regularly.

Since time is running out, I’m cutting the slack a bit by postponing some things to the next year. 🙂

– Watch the movie ‘2012’ on 21 December 2012           ( Checked )

– Get some sleep                                                            ( Checked )

– Reach 305 words in certain story                              ( In progress )

– Watch Ice Age 4 : Continental Drift                            ( Postponed )


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