The Great Frustation and few other things.

300 Words and everything is gone!!!! 😥
I was on a roll and everything just gone in a blink of an eye. For those who are wondering. I was talking about my short story that I created just few weeks ago. I manage to get 300 words after brain storming for 6 hours. After awhile, I started to get sleepy and thinking of saving it and continue on another day.

When I tried to save the draft. Guess what happen? (Guess, guess, guess)
Blackout. -_- The whole building just went dark. I’m pissed. When the electricity is back on, I check it and noticed that all that hard work has turned into ashes. Guess I have to start back. *sigh*

For those who are reading this, always save your work! Some application doesn’t have auto save so you have to save every time you manage to get one paragraph done.

Just hope I manage to finish my work before school starts. -_-

– Start back from scrap                                        ( In Progress )

– Watch old anime just for the heck of it            ( In Progress )

– Prepare stuff for school                                     ( Have to )