First Day of School and something else in mind.

2nd of January. While other schools are still hibernating for about a week or so, mine already started. To make things worst I was chosen to become the class monitor. 😦 The thing about class monitor is you have to get the attendance, teacher’s approval, class cleaned, make schedules, and be a good,fair leader.

I’m not good at being the class monitor. I can’t even be good at being a normal student. 😦 We got physics, biology, chemistry to cover in 5 months. My brain can’t handle it. >.<

(Midnight Project 1)

Since it school night, therefore I can’t do my midnight project anymore. *sad* But I can do it on weekends. I’m not really good at drawing, writing, doing thins according to schedules, following orders, so I’m pretty much a loser in my own life. But I’m still learning.

Success is hard but not impossible. So keep trying till you manage to get to the top.
I’m rooting for you!
Peace 🙂