The Curse of Homeworks and other things in mind.

Long time no update. 😦

Hi all, I was so busy these days with school/homework  i totally forgot to update my blog. If you think that’s not good enough for an excuse, imagine this.

You’re the class monitor, every morning you have to check all who are absent or late in your class even though yourself always shows up at school 10 minutes late because someone decide to park their car in the middle of the road. Then, you have to write all the teacher’s name  on a book and ask for their signature to make sure they did what they did. Teach.

During recess, others got 20 minutes while you have only 10 because you have to carries some on the teacher’s belonging back to the teacher’s lounge. ( I don’t know what it is called, just put it there ‘lounge’ ) There will be 200 students racing against each other to get through the door that divide the classroom and the canteen. You might be saying “so what?”. Well, the problem is the ‘door’ was created so small that it enables only 1 student to pass at a time. Which is annoying. After all of that, the teacher decide to be evil and gives you 20 pages of math, 2 pages of essay, probably some question about the world. Wait, that’s not the end of it. Your class also have extra classes which probably end up using all the time you have to relax at home.

Anyway, I’m back and I’ll try to update more frequently.

– Do movie reviews                                                         ( In Progress )

– Do homework                                                                       ( No )

– Certain Story Progress                                      ( Currently on Chapter 3 )

-Buy energy drinks for upcoming
‘midnight project’                                                        ( Out of money )


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