Frozen Tea.

FRozen DRink
(Guess what is it)

Happy Sunday everyone. Hope your day will be filled with awesomeness.
If you can see the picture above then good for you.

Few hours back, I got one of those boxed drinks and decided to cool it up a bit by putting it in the freezer. I was suppose to take it out few minutes after but somehow I forgot about and left it for 1 whole hour.

I only remembered about it when I was opening the freezer to cool my face. The problem is, it is now frozen solid. So instead of waiting for hours for it to melt. I just open the box and put it inside a plastic mug and start licking it like ice-cream. (not the best ice-cream but not the worst either)

So, checklist check.

– Certain Story Progress                            ( Still on Chapter 3 )

– Finish the frozen tea                                            ( Done )

– Homework                                                            ( Still no )

– Do Movie Review                                                   ( Soon )


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