School in the eyes of a 15 year old



Recently, I have been thinking on how much thing or event I have won in my entire life time and it fascinate me how low it is. For example, the last time I won something was probably when I was 9. Which is a doll i got from one of those crane machines outside the local mall.

Back then I always think that winning is getting on top, getting number 1 and so on and I realized that ‘winning’ is something that I can’t get back then, it’s just a thing I can chase but I will never possess. When I was 12 or so, I decided to lose hope on winning and started having fun. Not fun in a way where I don’t do homework, school work or others. ( even though I do it sometimes )

Then when I got into high school. I saw everybody learning their butts off and I was scared. Because I haven’t learn, study or do research on anything about stuff in school. The day the ‘exaggerated-exam’ was held. I was one of those students who didn’t care and doesn’t want to. When result came out, it was much better than expected.

Putting it in a nutshell, (or what ever shell you prefer) doesn’t mean you study every day, you will get what you want. I also doesn’t mean that if you don’t study you will get what you want.

My point is, don’t study too much, we are not computers, even computers need to rest. The most important is to have fun in everything you do. There was one teacher who told me that, ‘when you learn something in the sake of fun, you will remember it forever’