Weird Habit and other things..



Recently, I found myself keep dozing off on any spot I can lay my head. My table during class, the computer table, the bus, the cold concrete floor, and even outside of my house. -_-

Which is troublesome because if I fall asleep inside a bus, I could find my self 300 miles away from my house and my text-book is so heavy that if you throw it to a weighing scale, it would break almost instantly.

On the bright side, we will have a week off. ( yay~ ) Which means… more homework. One of the teachers told us that they were told to give us homework for some unknown reasons.

Anyway, since it’s holiday from this day onward till 18th, I will try to enjoy every bit of it by not sleeping*

* Please don’t do this at home*

Checklist check :

Chapter 3                                      ( Almost done )

Homework                                                   ( No )

Be active on blog                                    ( Probably )

Sightseeing                                             ( Probably )


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