First Try At Poetry.

To the love of my life, I give to thee,
My heart, My soul,
To cherish our memory,

I was nothing more than a friend to thee,
But for me,
You was more than a family,

For years I’ve watched you laughed and cried,
For years I’ve been there by your side,
Oh I wish you could know how long this feeling has reside,
In the depth of my heart which was not in sight

I was probably the last man in line,
But someday I will make you mine,
But that day seems so far behind,
As today, I see you walking down the shrine,
With your white sparkling wedding gown,
To be with your chosen one,
I couldn’t do anything but to hide the frown,

Fifty years have passed, I look down the coffin which belonged to a friend of mine,
How I wish I could reverse the time,
To tell you the things that has been kept inside my mind,
Those 5 words in a single line,
Will you be my valentine,

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