Boring Day.


Hi everyone,
School Holidays is really boring sometimes. Specially when there’s nothing to do. In order to kill time, my hand started sketching on my math book. ( it was the nearest book near my hand )
As I told few post back, I’m not good at drawing. I always do something 50% nice then the rest of it is pure crap. The most annoying part is when I somehow manage to draw something 99% nice and I found out I have to erase it because I drew it on a work book.
( the one that need to be checked by teachers )

It’s more annoying to know that I can only draw something 1 time. If I try to draw something like that again, it would look like something else. I envy those who has one of those artist hands that can draw anything they see. 😦

Even though I can’t draw that nicely ( not sure what words to use here ) but I’m practicing. They say Practice Makes Perfect. ( I don’t know, never tried it before )