A Haircut.

Quick post. Few hours back, I decided to have a haircut. But since it’s the holidays, almost every barber shop was closed. Luckily, there’s this one barber at the corner of the block that was still open. The one I never visit.

I’m usually get my hair cut by someone I’m familiar with. But because of the circumstances, I decided to just make him/her cut my hair and leave. Turns out the hair stylist was a guy. He asked what to do with my hair. I just asked for a normal student haircut. ( The one that follows the school rules and regulations )
You might wonder, what kind of school that has a hair regulation. Well, my kind of school has one.

After 10-15 minutes, it was finished. He just make it short, make it nice, and stylish. The thing is, my school doesn’t like stylish hair. because its too ‘stylish’.

I wasn’t complaining because I like it. But I don’t think my school will like it. There’s only advice that was given.

“If there’s hair inspection, just pull down your hair. Don’t make it stand out. The teacher won’t notice it”

What a day. 🙂