What I noticed


I’m currently in an airport waiting for my 10:30pm flight. It’s 9 something at the moment which means I have couple hours before checking in. This post is a way for me to kill time. As the title suggested. Today I’m going to talk about things that I’ve noticed over the years but I never really talked about it in public because it seems not important. The first thing is the difference between normal people playing badminton and the professionals. I’ve noticed that when the non-professionals play badminton they play in a way where their opponent could retaliate, deflect, or return the shot. They shoot the shuttle a bit higher than the professionals and much slower and more laid back. While the professionals play in a way where their opponent would have to run around the court, sweating and tired until they manage to get a point. Their shoot is much faster and low as it can get. They always aim the corner and the back. They play because they want to win. Fun is the second thing in their mind. I guess that’s why non-professionals need a lot practise to be a professional. The second thing I’ve noticed is that kindness is soo rare, people thought I was flirting. The reason I helped, smile, greet or apologize is because I wanted to help, smile or apologize. Flirting is not what I always think about. I mean, I love to flirt but that is not why I become nice. I become nice because I want people to be nice too. So do everybody else. They wanted to be treated nice that’s why they are nice. Can’t someone be polite or kind without people thinking that they are flirting, showing off or even brag? Man, people these days. Anyway, I think that’s it for this post. I would love to post more but the air conditioner inside the airport is set into freezing mode and I have to pee. Gotta go.

Untitled Story (Chapter 4 update)

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Chapter 5 : Long way to go

Chapter 1

Nine-thirty in the morning. The sun is already up and shining thru the curtains brightening the dim room.

“Arrrgh! I’m gonna be late”

Rushing thru the living room as he changes his clothes with a toothbrush stuck inside his mouth.

“Alright, at this rate I can still make it.”

Says the boy with confidence. He make a quick glance at the living room to remember if there’s anything he has forgotten. Instead wearing his shoe, he just jam his feet inside it run like there’s no tomorrow. He was running as fast as a tiger chasing it’s dinner. The watch on his wrist shows that its almost ten and he’s still a mile away from his destination.

“I’m dead”

Sighed the boy. As he runs down street, a distant voice was heard. A very familiar one.

“Charles! Charles!”

The boy who was addressed as ‘Charles’ quickly turned his head to see who was calling him.


Charles shouted.

“Whoa, looks like somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed”

“Oh, its you Ai”

Charles replied in his normal ordinary voice. He tried to smile hiding his anger towards Ai for stopping him at the middle of the road with no apparent reason. Ai who was on her bike didn’t seem bothered at all with Charles’s eerie smile.

“Where are you headed”


“You need a lift?”

“Why should I?”

Charles asked.

“Because your face is all messed up, you smell like you didn’t take a bath and your feet is not even in your shoe.”

Ai answered sarcastically.

“I guess you’re right.”
Charles sighed.

“Get on”

Charles quickly sit down on the back seat and try to balance himself. Seeing how stupid Charles looked trying to hang on. Ai felt sorry for her friend.

“You know…”
“you can hang on to me”


Charles was confused. He knows what Ai said but he want to make sure so he doesn’t embarrass himself.

“I said you can hang on to me if you want”

It’s clear in Charles’s eyes that Ai’s was red all over her face. Charles just smile and hold the handle on the back of the bicycle.

“Its alright”

“Well then, I’m not responsible if anything happen to you.”

Charles was confused with Ai’s statement.

“What will ever happen to——”

Suddenly Ai started leaning forward, gripping her hand at the handle and started cycling faster as she goes. Charles facial expression suddenly changed as if he was face to face with death itself. Ai on the other hand was fearless, she would go much more faster if she doesn’t have any passenger.

It was ten-fifteen. Charles who was probably half dead was asking Ai to slow down as he is already late.

“It’s already late, please slow down. I want to be reach the place alive.”

He was ignored. Instead, Ai was cycling faster by the minute.From a distance, Charles could already see his workplace. An old workshop that was situated on the corner of the street beside the T junction. As soon as they arrived, Charles quickly jump off the bike and try to hold himself from reviewing his lunch. If he had one. Before entering the workshop he turn his head sideways and shouted.

“Ai, I owe you one!”

Ai who was probably expecting it give a wide smile to Charles before cycling off, disappearing from Charles view.

As Charles stand before the old rickety workshop he was approached by another familiar face

“You’re late!!”

“I’m sorry Mirai-san. I was—-”

As Charles was about to continue what he was talking, Mirai put her old steel wrench on Charles’s lips. Stopping what ever Charles was about to say.

“We don’t have time for this. Get that thing working!”

Mirai replied while pointing at an engine at the corner of the workshop that look like had been abandoned for years.

“And there will be an upcoming inspection for the tournament”

She continued.

“Is it that important?”

Charles lowered his voice make sure Mirai didn’t hear his complaint.

“Apparently, yes. It is important. If you want to keep your job.”

Says Kagawa as he wipes his glasses. Kagawa is one of Charles senior aside from Mirai herself. He is a college student who enjoys engineering as much as other people enjoy sleeping in the morning.

“What does a tournament have anything to do with me keeping my job?”

Charles grab his toolbox and walk towards the old metal piece that Mirai called an engine.

“Every 10 years, The ’empire’ organize a tournament where a number of pilots has to race their way thru certain places.”

Charles was confused because his question was not answered.

“And its up to us to create an engine strong enough and fast enough to make it to the finish line.”
Kagawa continued.

” ‘us’? ”
” the empire got one of the finest mechanics in the world, why do they need us?!!”

Charles was holding the hammer as if he is going to smash the so called engine.

“They wanted to make the tournament much more challenging in every way possible. So they created a rule that state every participating group must have their own mechanics. If the group wins, the pilot’s team AND the mechanics team will be well rewarded”

Kagawa replied.

“So its about the–”

Before Charles manage to finish his sentence, he was hit on the back of his head by something hard.

“This is not the time to chit chat!!! Get your lazy butt working!!!”

Mirai shouted while shaking her fist.

“We’re sorry”

Replied Charles and Kagawa simultaneously. As silence ensues, both of them continue their work.

As time flies the sun started going down upon the horizon disappearing from everyone view. Mirai was seen waving her hand from a distance

“See you tomorrow guys”

” Uhh… another great day at the ‘workshop’ ”
Charles complained.

” See you tomorrow Kagawa”
He continued.

Kagawa was silent. Showing nothing but a smile on his face before saying.

” Charles! It’s never just about the money”

Chapter 2

It is 3 in the morning. Where others has already asleep, dreaming about what they desire in life. However, Charles was not one of them. He didn’t show even the slightest sign of tiredness in his eyes. Instead, there was determination. For those who wondered, he was actually reading a book. The book was placed on his table hiding the title from view as he flip thru the pages slowly. He had the windows and the curtains shut to eliminate outside disturbance that will bring nothing but trouble to him. The world turns from night to dawn but Charles didn’t notice how time flies so quickly. His facial expression changes as soon as he look upon the small round clock near his desk.
” 9 : 45 ”

“i’m gonna be late!!!….. again!!..”

He was doing the same thing he did yesterday. Rushing thru everything. But was surprises him is when he step outside.


Ai was in front of Charles’s doorstep. Instead of a bicycle, Ai was sitting on her small, orange motorcycle with her cute helmet on.

” I knew it was you when I heard that scream ”

Ai winked and throw one of her helmet to Charles. Charles was stunned seeing Ai infront of his house 2 days in a row without any notice.

“Wear it. I’ll make sure you arrive in time”

Charles was still speechless. He carefully wears the cute orange helmet that barely fit his head. Before anything happen Charles suddenly remember to say something.

“Ai, its ok for me to be late because I —–”

As usual Charles always didn’t manage to finish his sentences before Ai started doing things on her own. She was going from 0 to 95 miles per hour without even thinking of slowing down. Charles on the other hand was losing his sanity and balance. In
an effort to save his precious life he quickly puts his hands around Ai’s waist, gripping it causing Ai to suddenly stop the bike. The end of the motorbike was lifted inches from the pavement throwing Charles a few meters infront of it.

Ai quickly get of the motorcycle and head toward Charles. Charles was trying to get back to his feet and instead of helping him, Ai started hitting him repeatedly on the head with her helmet.

“Did you!!!”
“Do that!!!??”

The cute orange helmet is now stained by blood and Ai shows no mercy toward Charles. He was laying on the cold dirty road with his head bleeding and started to lose consciousness. He didn’t even retaliate but he was still getting beat up by Ai.

Mirai who was watching the whole thing from the beginning and didn’t do anything but giggled as he stand over Charles motionless body.

“What a cute couple”

Ai’s anger went sky rocket. She rises her voice dramatically.

“He’s not my boyfriend!!”

“Sure he’s not.”
Mirai winked toward Ai.


Ai was not waiting another minute after all of that. She just get on her bike and left, leaving the half dead Charles lying on the ground with blood gushing out of his head.

As time pass by, Charles started to gain consciousness. As soon as he opens his eyes slowly, he notices that he is inside the workshop and there was Mirai and Kagawa looking upon him silently. Charles was thinking of using this moment to get a some more sleep. But something made him change his mind.

“Should we wake him up?”

Whispered Kagawa.

His question was not answered. Instead Mirai grab her wrench and start swinging it in a way that could cause brain damage to whoever get hit. Of course Charles has to do something, He uses both of his hands to grab Mirai’s hand, stopping her from swinging the metal wrench in his face. It seems Charles action was predicted by Mirai’s complex brain because it only enables her to punch him in the nose using her other hand.

A normal punch on the nose wouldn’t any damage to Charles except what he was dealing with is a girl who carries a toolbox instead of a purse. The punch left a big red mark on Charles’s pale face. It only take a few second before blood started oozing out. Charles sight suddenly become blurry before passing out for the second time.

The skies was being swallowed by the darkness as Charles who finally recovers from his injuries walk out of the workshop with the others. From a distance, anyone could see the white bandage wrapped around his head. He was holding a handkerchief on
his nose to stop the bleeding. Kagawa was trying to laugh but he hold on and put smile on his face. Before they started going their own way, Mirai grabbed Charles and Kagawa to tell them something.

“Even though tomorrow is a day off but you two still need to go to the workshop”

Anyone would be disappointed if their day off is taken. Charles and Kagawa was trying to hide their disappointment but they utterly failed.

“Come on, cheer up guys”
Said Mirai as she pat Charles and Kagawa on the back.

All of a sudden, a bright light was seen in a distance. Charles hang his arm high to block the light. As the light getting closer, a sound of an engine was heard. It didn’t take too long before Charles recognizes that it was Ai on her motorcycle.

“What are you doing here at this time?”
Charles wondered.

“I’m here to pick you—”
“What’s wrong with your nose?”

“Umm..no.. nothing”
Charles was stuttering.

Ai snatched the handkerchief off Charles’s hand. Revealing his reddish nose with blood oozing out. Ai was surprised. She wipes Charles bleeding nose and started staring to Mirai and Kagawa. Ai know Kagawa couldn’t have done it since he is not the type to do something like that… without a reason of course.

“Mirai! Is this how you treat your friends??!!”
Ai shouted. Mirai wasn’t going to lose, she rises her voice as well.

“Says someone who hit him in the head and leave him in the middle of the road!”

“Don’t change the subject!”

Suddenly, both of them started losing their patience. They started shouting, accusing, started pulling each others hair, it was more like a cat fight than an argument. Charles who was trying to calm them down was stopped by Kagawa.

“It’s no use. Mirai would never lose an argument… or a fight”
Kagawa stated.

“so is Ai ”
Charles sighed.

Few minutes after the commotion. It seems Mirai has had enough. She just turn around left, stomping her feet all the way. Ai on

the other hand was victorious, she was laughing at Mirai defeat. Charles was relieved to know that the ‘argument’ is over.

Before Mirai’s shadow disappeared from view, Kagawa quickly followed it.

“Charles! I’ll check how Mirai is doing”
“I’ll see you tomorrow”

“Good night.”
Charles answered. Ai hand over a helmet to Charles, a brand new one apparently. This one fits Charles head perfectly.

“Think of it as an apology gift”
Stated Ai.

Charles replied.

The moonlight shines thru the dark of night as Ai and Charles cruise through the streets. Both of them wasn’t effected by the
cold midnight air, for them it was the most pleasant air they ever felt.

As the arrive, none of them spoke a word. But deep inside, there’s a feeling just waiting to be expressed. What if he or she doesn’t feel the same way? What is they already have someone dear in heart? Which one of them is still unknown.

Ai just drove off after Charles is off the bike. He didn’t even manage to return the helmet.

” Keep it! ”
Shouted Ai.

Chapter 3

The sun shine once again, showing the world its beauty. Suprisingly, Charles was already up and enjoying his tea while reading the very same book he reads the other day. It was very unsual since he would likely to wake up late specially if its the day off. Then again, his day off was cancelled by his seemingly evil boss,

But he tried to keep his spirit up. Who knows there might be something interesting in the workshop. The clock shows it’s time to leave. He gathers his things and started walking toward the door. As usual, he glance upon the living room before leaving.
He leaves much more earlier than days before so he wasn’t really in a rush. Suddenly, a gust of wind blows violently, forcing Charles to shut his eyes while walking.
He wonders why there’s such a strong wind on a sunny day like this. Then, a loud distinctive noise was lingering in the sky. Charles couldn’t help but to search for the source of the noise. As he look upon the skies, there was nothing but darkness as if something is blocking the sunlight.

His eyes were opened wide
as he gaze upon a warship flying over his head. The ship was coated in grey paint and equipped with 4 huge propeller on each side. It was probably around 100 meters in length, weighing over 30,000 tons. The ship was humming the sound of its engine as it pass by. The sound was considered a nuisance because everyone was running into houses, covering their ears, shutting the windows, doors. But for Charles, it was rather comfortable. He closes his eyes and started imagining the engine as it runs. It seems he can hear it very clearly like nothing is there to hear other than the engine itself.

“The wonders of engineering”
Charles whispered. Nothing could express his feeling at the moment.

As soon as the ship is no longer is Charles’ view, he is back to the real world. Somehow, he is more eager to go to the workshop than before. He runs down the road toward the old rickety workshop on the corner of the street. He was running like wind. Charles was thinking of charging through the front door but something made him changes his mind. From a distance Charles sees a man probably on his forties coming out of the workshop with a smile on his face. Charles couldn’t help but to greet him.

“Hello, good morning”
said Charles as he bows down slightly.

“You must be Charles, good to meet you kid”
replied the man. The man pat Charles in the back and walk pass him.
Charles was speechless. He turns around to see the man walk away from his view.

“Who is that man”
Charles wondered in his head.

“If you’re wondering. He’s our pilot”
said Kagawa who suddenly appeared out of no where.

“Pilot? ”
” You mean, we got chosen for the tournament??”
Kagawa nod his head. Charles was surprised but something still lingers in his mind.

“Wait, I didn’t manage to finish the engine”
He continued.

“Don’t tell anyone, but when you were unconscious, Mirai finished it for you.”
Kagawa whispered into Charles’ ears. Charles couldn’t believe it, he rises one of his eye brows in confusion. Questioning about what he just heard.

He asked.

Kagawa answered.

“Looks like i misjudged Mirai. I always though she is an evil witch who tortures her employee.”
Charles continued. In his head, he was imagining Mirai doing her evil laugh, on top of her dead ’employee’.

“Exactly, I also think…”
Kagawa added.

Kagawa and Charles started talking about their first impression on Mirai. How creepy Mirai is sometimes. Her weird behavior of carrying a wrench inside her ‘purse’.
Suddenly, a shadow emerges from their backs. Slowly, they felt a cold aura near them, their arms started shivering. It didn’t take long for them to realize that Mirai was standing behind them all the time.

“Where you guys talking about me?”
Mirai wasn’t expecting as answer. She just hits both Kagawa and Charles on the nose.

Screamed both of them in pain.

Kagawa and Charles said simultaneously as they bow down to Mirai.

“Since we have been chosen for the tournament, we are going to the main land. So, get your bags ready cause we are going for a journey”
Mirai Explained.

Mirai started talking about safety measures, rules, and other stuff. Of course, Charles and Kagawa can’t do anything about it. They just stand there waiting for the ‘lecture’ to end.

Several Minutes Later

“–one last thing, the pilot will have one mechanic with him for the whole time since the tournament could last for days and I decided that mechanic is you”
Mirai pointed her fingers at Charles. Charles was surprised. He started explaining that he don’t want to since he never been on a plane before.

“How about Kagawa? He’s much more experienced than me.”
Charles stated.

“Kagawa get air sickness easily, we don’t want the plane to be filled with things he just ate in the morning. Plus, you never ride on a plane before. This could be a good experience for you”
Mirai replied.

Charles glare upon Kagawa who was snickering in the distance. Charles was cursing Kagawa using words that should not be written or said by anyone, ever.

“So, when’s the tournament?”
Charles said as he sighed.

” According to the paper it’s 9 days from now, but the pilot asked us to visit his place 2 days before the tournament to check on the plane. So we got about 7 days. ”
Mirai said as she take out a piece of paper from her pocket.

“We better started packing”
Said Charles and Kagawa.

Both of them started putting all the necessary tools inside a bag that seems never been used for ages. Wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, bolt, nuts were filled inside the old bag. Putting all of the things inside it was easy, but carrying the bag was a tough job. It takes both of the guys to carry it on each side.

After a day of hard work, the sun finally set and the skies started to filled with darkness once again.

“Bye guys”
Mirai was seen waving to Charles and Kagawa from afar. Kagawa was scratching his head and wonders.

“Man, she’s energetic. I’m exhausted after all of that”

” Same here”
sighed Charles.

Charles and Kagawa walk on the same direction for some time until they reach a junction. Both of them stops for a minute.

“well, this is good bye”
said Kagawa. He shakes Charles’ hand and walk down a separate road. Charles was rather relieved that he finally can go home after what he have gone through the day. The time he reaches his house, there was someone waiting in-front the door.

“Ai? What are you doing here?”
Wondered the tired Charles.

“I need to give you this, please consider it.”
Ai hand over an envelop to Charles. Before Charles was able to read the letter, Ai was already long gone with her motorcycle.
As he opens the envelop, a small piece of paper falls down. Charles slowly pick it up and read it.

” Full Moon Festival ”
” Bring your friends and family and watch as the full moon shines upon the world ”
” There will be competition such as, poem recital competition, best dressed—–”

Charles was too tired to read all of it. He quickly scan down the letter to see anything important. One thing manage to catch his attention.

“….the festival is in 7 days”
Charles muttered.

Chapter 4

“If i doesn’t go, Ai will beat the hell out of me….”
“but even if i did go, Mirai will also beat the hell out me..”
Charles sighed. Unable to make a decision, Charles decided to play with luck. He search his pocket and his table for something. But that something doesn’t show up. He almost loses his hope on finding it when a small reflection of a shiny object was seen.

“There you are!”
He said with excitements. He bends over and grab the object. Revealing that what he was searching for was a small coin. He started flipping the coin and said in his head.

“If it’s head, I’ll go.. if not…”
he flips the coin up high and grab the coin as fast as lighting and hides it in his grip.
Suddenly, a small vibration was felt inside one of Charles pocket interrupting his moment of truth.

“Who could be texting me at this time of night?”
he wonders. Charles’ phone was one of those flippy ones that tells you the name of the sender or caller on the front of it. He was rather surprised to see Kagawa’s name on it.

‘Hey, Mirai called and said the workshop is closed today. She’s not well i guess.’

Charles release a breath of relief when he knows about the day off. After all he been through, a day off was something he always wished for. He was too lazy to reply, he just flips his phone back and put it on the table.

“Alright.. let’s see what luck has prepare for me”
he slowly opens his grip to see the result of his coin flip. As soon as the edge of the coin was seen, he was interrupted again by a small buzzing sound. He quickly closes his grip again and grab his phone.

“its Kagawa again….”
Charles muttered. He opened his phone and read the message.

‘Since its the day off… wanna go fishing? I’ll stop by your house in a minute’

Charles rises his head in confusion and look at the clock near his desk. He couldn’t help but reply the question with another question.

‘Its 3 o’clock in the morning. What the heck are you going to fish?!’

It seems Charles was stomping his fingers as he writes the message. As soon as the phone notify him that his message was sent, Charles focus is now on the coin. But rather than seeing the result of his coin flip few seconds ago, he grab the coin as fast as be can and flip it again and this time it’s different.

“Heads and ill go fishing. Tails.. I’m warming my butt on the couch”
he whispered in his head. There was absolutely no sign of stress at all appeared at Charles’ face. It seems he doesn’t care what the result is going to be. Just like what he did before, he flips the coin into the air and grab it. He opens his hand and check for the result.

“Fishing it is”
Charles whispered. He put on his jacket and safely put away his lucky coin inside one of the pocket. Charles walk out of the door and found something shocking.

“Good morning~”
Kagawa was seen waving his hand as he spoke those words. He was well equipped with his fishing pole,  hat, boxes of bait and other thing that could make any fisherman jealous.

“You were in front of my house all the time???!!”
Said Charles in a rather high tone.

“Shh.. Charles,  be considerate. Other people are still sleeping at this time of night.”

“i could be still sleeping at this time of night!”

“but you weren’t. ”
Kagawa winked.

After a couple of talk, they started walking down the road that was covered in darkness. There was nothing shining their way except for a couple of old street lights that keep blinking as if it were at the verge of shutting down. As they talk, their breath evaporates into moisture and their voices were echoed through the whole streets. Those little chitchat seems to be endless and the only thing that stop it was when they arrive at the banks of a lake.

The lake was big even though it was situated in the middle of the town. It was surrounded by trees and forest that kept any noise from the outside world from disturbing the harmony of nature. Fireflies was seen from the banks of the lake, shining upon the lake and all its inhabitants. The sound of crickets and other insects in pure harmony was the music that lingers around the area. It was an amazing sight indeed.

Charles and Kagawa sat inside a small boat that was so tight that they have to sit opposite of each others back and if one of them were to turn their body, the other will definitely fall.

After slowly rowing the boat for a few minutes, they arrived on the middle of the lake where they were surrounded by complete darkness and the only thing that enables them to see what they are holding is the moonlight. Charles doesn’t know how to fish but after a few quick course from Kagawa, he was looking forward to catch him a meal.

The sound of the hook hitting the surface of the water broke the silence that was surrounding the place. The air was cold but nothing is stopping Kagawa from the things he loved to do and Charles from feeling what it’s like to catch a fish.

After a 1 hour of waiting patiently. Charles tried to start a conversation to kill time and stopping him from dozing off and falling overboard.

“You know…”
“There’s a full moon festival this weekend.”

“Now that you’ve mention it. It’s in 7 days isn’t it?”
Kagawa replied.

Charles and kagawa was talking but their heads didn’t move nor their body.

“Unfortunately it is the same day we will be departing to the pilot’s place.”
Charles sighed.


Time passes slowly but surely and yet, not one fish was caught.

Charles sneeze his nose off on that one. He began searching his pocket to find a tissue but the only thing he manage to find is a coin. A gold coin that he used to do a coin flip. He take a deep breath and toss the coin up in the air catching it as soon as it falls down. Charles put down his fishing pole and started flipping his coin repeatedly. Even though Kagawa wasn’t able to see what Charles was doing but he knew what was going on.

” Charles… Is something bothering you? ”
Kagawa said in a low voice.

” why would you say that? ”

” i knew you too well Charles. You would always do a coin flip every time you’re in a hassle. ”

“Its nothing to worry about.”
Charles replied.

“But remember.  Sometimes it is better to follow your heart than a coin. ”
Charles wasn’t responding. It seems he wanted for the conversation to stop. Charles tried to talk about something else but nothing really came out of his mouth. The only sound that was heard was the song of crickets and other insects.

After several hours of no sleeping and luck. Kagawa checked his watch and noticed that it was near 6 am. Kagawa tried moving his body,  stretching his arms wide inside the small boat. Charles on the other hand was dead asleep. Kagawa was impressed that Charles was able to sleep,  he can barely sit properly.

” Wake up..  Its time to go”
Kagawa tried rocking the boat slowly to wake up Charles from his long dream. After several tries, his effort was futile. He was brainstorming for ideas on waking up a sleeping guy without making both of them fall into the water. Then an idea hits him. It hit him like a bus hitting some random guy passing by. It was ugly but necessary.

” Don’t make me do this.  Wake up! ”

Kagawa’s early warning was ignored.  He filled a bucket that he ‘borrowed’ from somewhere with water. It was obvious what Kagawa was planning. He tried to move as little as possible considering that the boat was only few feet wide and he didn’t want to wake Charles up before the grand finale.
Now that kagawa is in position. There’s only one thing left to do.

*splash *

” Ahhhh!!!! ”
Charles screamed and stood up as fast add he could, trying to flow the water down from his body. Kagawa’s method work like a charm. Charles was awake… and wet.

Charles stares kagawa with one of those ‘why’ moments expression. Kagawa couldn’t help but hold his mouth from laughing excessively.

“Grrr ”
” Take this!!!! ”
Charles scream as he charged Kagawa down putting both of them on one side of the boat causing boat to lose balance and tip over. Kagawa was asking for Charles to stop but Charles won’t let anything stop him from his revenge. One side of the boat was already submerged and water started flowing inside. Kagawa uses all of his might to push Charles. But instead of pushing Charles to the other side to balance the boat, he pushes Charles over board into the cold water. Charles who knew it was coming, he grab Kagawa’s arm, pulling Kagawa down with him. The boat was sinking from one side to another. It was like the movie where a multimillion dollar ship sank near Atlantic ocean because it hits an iceberg but instead of a multimillion dollar ship, it was a small wooden boat that can barely fit two people. Unlike the movie, there was no romantic scene, just two guys fighting childishly.

In an effort to escape from icy cold lake.  Both of them swam up the shore. Soaking wet from head to toe it was clear the only thing they manage to catch on this fishing trip was a cold.

” achoooo”
Kagawa sneezes.

“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow at the workshop.. ”
Charles said.

” You too.. ”
Kagawa replied.

Walking home at 6 am in the morning while soaking wet can make people give you the ‘look’. That’s what Charles experienced that day. There’s nothing more delightful than reaching your house after one hell of a day. Charles opened his shoes on the front door and enter the house immediately as soon as his shoes were off his feet.

Running from the door to his room is very difficult considering that his feet was wet and water are dripping from his body causing the floor to be twice as slippery than before. However he manage to keep his balance before crashing down on his bed. Which sounded like a fun thing but not until he noticed that now his bed is also wet and he just got himself a handful of work to do.

Just moment before Charles continue his eternal slumber, a rather familiar and annoying buzzing was felt just below his chest. Searching for the source of the annoyance with only hand wasn’t working for Charles. He had to stand up and grab the thing from his pocket. Turns out it was his phone all along.  Amazingly, his phone were still functioning even after a swim under the cold lake. He flip his phone open and answer the call.

” Hello Ai, what do you want this early? ”
Charles tried his best to not sound like some who just lost his job interview or something.

” ummm… Have made your decision? ”
Her voice was rather low and cute even though she is completely different in real life.

” on what? ”
Charles replied.

” the festival.. Are you going or not”

Charles was speechless. He started searching for something with haste . Ai on the other side was asking if he is still there.

“You there? ”
” Are you doing one of those coin flip again?! ”

Apparently, Ai was absolutely right. Charles was actually looking for his so-called coin of destiny.

” of course not. I was…. ”
Charles trying to hide what was obvious quickly think of an excuse.

” i was searching for the calendar.. Yes, the calendar”

” are you going or not”
Ai quickly changed the topic to the one in the beginning.

“i want to.. But.. ”

” but what? ”

” i don’t know what to wear. Hehehe”

“just wear anything nice. Okay? ”


Charles has made his decision but he doesn’t know whether it is a good one or not. Ai was heard giggling over the phone before hanging up. As soon as Charles put down the phone, he started looking around his bedroom and whispered in despair.

” i have no idea what to wear ”

What started as a joke ended up as a real thing.


Life is turning round and round,
Sometimes you’re up,
Sometimes you’re down,
Sometimes there’s a smile,
Sometimes there’s a frown,

As soon as the window of opportunities closes,
You’ll soon know that life isn’t a bed of roses,
So what will you do?
Will you cry?
Will you jump and fall from the sky?

Or will you stay and carry on,
Keep fighting and stay strong,
Because the road long,
And there’s no ending,
because the ending is just a new beginning,

I’m back for a while

Hello everyone

As you might have noticed. I am back. (for the meantime)

School is really giving me a hard time lately therefore I was unable to continue my story or create any poems or anything. To be honest I was unable to write anything for the past few days.

My schedule is filled with home works and my brain is having brain damage because too many things to remember at once. I got physic, biology, chemistry, additional mathematics and many more. -_-‘

Again, I apologize because unable to write anything for you to read. 🙂

Regret ( A short Story )

When I think of him, I’m still filled with a profound sense of loss and regret. His face, his eyes, his voice now is just another memory that will last forever.

1939, May 21st, the day where it all started, the day I first met him. He was a new student at my school. We were actually classmate to be honest but that is the first day I ever laid my eyes on him. There he was standing near the bus stop in his school uniform, talking, joking around with his friends. The place was crowded with people but he is the only one I could put my eyes on. I’m stuck in my own world where there is only two of us in it. No words came out of his mouth, neither do mine. It’s just me starring him for hours until he leave. His name was Kei, just Kei. You might say I’m an idiot for having a crush over someone who I didn’t even know his full name but I was shy back then. Every time a fellow classmate mentioned his name, I would turn my head just to turn my attention to what they was talking about. Sometime I would lose myself in my own delusions where I’m brave enough to talked to him. How pathetic. Every single day I wish he would feel the same way.

1939, June 1st, something delightful happened. He talked to me for the first time. Even though it was just a normal greeting but it is still considered as a conversation isn’t? Somehow he is talking to me more frequently than before. He must have noticed me starring him from a distance every day. Argh! Stupid me. Now I have to hide my face every time I talked to him. Every word, every sentence I want to say always came out the other way around. I’m such an idiot! Seeing my weird behavior, He would always apologize for not able to hold himself from laughing. However, all is
not lost since I was able to get used to it.

Everyday, we would talk about things that sound completely ridiculous for a normal person. Such as ‘why did the chicken cross the road?’ or ‘why did superman wear his underwear on the outside?’ and those conversation would last for hours but it was not enough. I wanted to talk more, I want to know more about him. I don’t know why, probably I am just shy.

1939, December 31th, the end of the year is probably the most busiest moment for everyone, literally. Everyone is searching for their ‘date’ for the upcoming end year festival which I think is just stupid. Can’t a boy and a girl go there just as friends? The festival will be held every year and people from all over the country would come and celebrate it like there’s no tomorrow. Kei, on the other hand wasn’t bothered by it despite the ten love letter on his desk. There’s a rumor that those letters were sent by 10 of the most popular girls in school. What chances do I have against them? I should probably just give up.

December 31, around 12 pm. While others are holding hands, under the bright night of December, waiting for the fireworks to show it’s beauty, I was at home  studying. I wasn’t alone though, some of my friends also called and invited me to their houses to celebrate the new year together but I was to busy making myself busy. The next day, everyone was talking about their romantic night and how the beautiful the fireworks were. I wish I can shut them up once and for all. Kei greeted me from behind, asking how my new year was. I couldn’t help but tell everything, when I said everything I mean it. Surprisingly, he told me that he also didn’t went to the festival. It seems he was waiting for a specific girl to invite him. I was happy and disappointed at the same time. Looks like he already has someone in his heart.

1940, April 2nd. I has been evading Kei for almost 3 months and something inside me is dying. Why can’t I stop thinking about him!? I’m such a loser! Lord please put me out of this misery. Even though I was evading him but every time I sat upon the concrete bench on the bus stop, I would look around for him but he was nowhere to be found. I was worried if anything had happened to him. The next day, I asked all the teachers if they knew anything about him. None have the answer, I was devastated. My heart beat faster as I ran across the classroom searching for answers but to no avail.

1940, April 14th. It has been weeks since I seen or heard about Kei. I’m out of tears to be shed. I couldn’t help but to hold the guilt inside me for ignoring him. One of our teachers was absent today and the class was a complete madhouse, but something manage to catch my attention. According to one of my classmate, they saw Kei and his family in the teacher’s lounge. Before they can finish their sentence, I was on my way to the teacher’s lounge. Some of the stairs were packed with human blockade but that doesn’t stop me from rushing through it like a speeding train. When I arrived, I quickly slam the door open. I shouted his name with all my might just for him to noticed me but what I saw shocked me.

The boy who was sitting on one of the teacher’s chair was Kei but at the same time it was also someone else. His face is now pale white, his lips was so dry that I could noticed it from a distance, his body show’s no energy what so ever as if he was lifeless. He greeted me and I could hear the pain and suffering in his voice. I was stunned, unable to say a word or do anything. One of the teachers pulled me outside and explained everything.

Kei was suffering from Leukemia, a type of cancer of the blood. The teacher said that he was diagnosed with it since he was 10 and there’s only a small chance of him surviving. But his will to live was able to postponed the disease from worsen, giving him another 8 years to live. Few weeks ago, the doctors announced that he was in a chronic condition and has to be hospitalized. He manage to convince the doctors to let him out for one day before going back into the intensive-care unit.

Knowing what was happening all along, I couldn’t hold my tears from falling. Who knew a kid who was full of life, full of energy was silently fighting a disease that couldn’t be cured back then. I was crying my heart out when suddenly a voice, begged me to stop. As I rises my head, there he was, standing in front of me, running his thumb across my cheek, wiping the tears that has fallen from my eyes. He embraces me with everything he got left and whispered to my ears.

” If there’s a chance in the near future..” he was breathing heavily and he would pause to take a short breath for every word.  “Would you like to go to the festival with me?..” I was sucked into a never ending sadness as those words came out of his mouth. My eyes was closed but my heart weeps silently. “Yes, I would love to” I replied. Nothing could express the way I felt that day. I feel like being revived from the dead just to get killed again. He was struggling just to stand but something kept him from falling. That day, I was given all the time to talked to him. I couldn’t help but to continue our not so normal conversation. He was laughing but it’s not how it used to. I wish I could help him.

1940, July 25th. It was the day he breathed his last breath out, and that was the end of an innocent life.

I still remember his final words to me.

” Sometimes I would stare you from behind and stuck in a world where there’s only two of us in this world. How I wish I has the verbal power to say what was hidden in my heart. Probably, I am just shy”