What I noticed


I’m currently in an airport waiting for my 10:30pm flight. It’s 9 something at the moment which means I have couple hours before checking in. This post is a way for me to kill time. As the title suggested. Today I’m going to talk about things that I’ve noticed over the years but I never really talked about it in public because it seems not important. The first thing is the difference between normal people playing badminton and the professionals. I’ve noticed that when the non-professionals play badminton they play in a way where their opponent could retaliate, deflect, or return the shot. They shoot the shuttle a bit higher than the professionals and much slower and more laid back. While the professionals play in a way where their opponent would have to run around the court, sweating and tired until they manage to get a point. Their shoot is much faster and low as it can get. They always aim the corner and the back. They play because they want to win. Fun is the second thing in their mind. I guess that’s why non-professionals need a lot practise to be a professional. The second thing I’ve noticed is that kindness is soo rare, people thought I was flirting. The reason I helped, smile, greet or apologize is because I wanted to help, smile or apologize. Flirting is not what I always think about. I mean, I love to flirt but that is not why I become nice. I become nice because I want people to be nice too. So do everybody else. They wanted to be treated nice that’s why they are nice. Can’t someone be polite or kind without people thinking that they are flirting, showing off or even brag? Man, people these days. Anyway, I think that’s it for this post. I would love to post more but the air conditioner inside the airport is set into freezing mode and I have to pee. Gotta go.


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