I’m back~ (for real)

Studying.. yeah right)

Anyway, I’m back! and it’s real this time. I got my hands on a pretty stable internet connection and some food that already pass their expiration date. But who cares about that. Let’s get down to business.

After staying offline for more than 1 month (I pressume) I was at the brink of destruction. I guess people these days who are used to updating their status, surfing the internet, facebook-ing, can’t handle a day without it. ( I know. I’m one of them )

But the reason I was offline was not because I have no internet connection. It’s because I was too busy with school and stuff. 😦

Check list :
Download J-Drama                                                                            ( In Progress )

Finish Homework                                                                                      ( No )
Compete in the school exercise competition                                        ( Probably )

Update more and more stuff                                                                  ( Absolutely )


Life 2

Put your hand on your heart,
And when the beating start,
Pretty sure you could felt that,
You’re alive for a reason,
Just keep surviving and you shall learn the lesson,

Remember that everyone wants happiness,
Just want to live normally,
nothing more, nothing less,
No one wants the pain,
No one wants the sorrow
But to make a rainbow,
You need a little rain,

Don’t ever stop chasing your dream,
Keep on moving and you’ll be in your own realm,
Where no one told you what to do,
And there’s no one gonna bully you,

If you feel depressed,
Don’t cut yourself and let the blood flow until it’s gone,
Just remember that in this world you are not alone,
We’re all in this together,
These little problems are just like a fever,
They are here today,
But gone tomorrow,
Never let them stay,
Or your life will be filled with sorrow.