I’m back~ (for real)

Studying.. yeah right)

Anyway, I’m back! and it’s real this time. I got my hands on a pretty stable internet connection and some food that already pass their expiration date. But who cares about that. Let’s get down to business.

After staying offline for more than 1 month (I pressume) I was at the brink of destruction. I guess people these days who are used to updating their status, surfing the internet, facebook-ing, can’t handle a day without it. ( I know. I’m one of them )

But the reason I was offline was not because I have no internet connection. It’s because I was too busy with school and stuff. 😦

Check list :
Download J-Drama                                                                            ( In Progress )

Finish Homework                                                                                      ( No )
Compete in the school exercise competition                                        ( Probably )

Update more and more stuff                                                                  ( Absolutely )


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