Football. One of the most popular sport for hundreds of year. I’m not good at football or soccer for certain country. Instead of kicking the ball, I usually kicked the air and ended up falling.

See the photo above? It was one my game with a few of my friends. You might not believe the score and to be honest, even I doesn’t believe it.

First I’m no sports nut. But it’s necessary to exercise once awhile, regularly is much better and it is much more better if you have a friend to exercise with you. Just make sure your friend is also exercising.

Having an active body is good for your health, especially if you’re someone who sits a lot.

So take some time on the weekend to exercise with your families and friends.



Money in the eye of a 16 year old.


Recently, Me and a few of my friends attended a Youth Leadership Programme. During the programme, they taught us about the do’s and don’t as a leader, yada yada yada, and such.

In short, they taught us a lot. During one of the activities, they told us to write your future, seriously.

I wasn’t really helping my group, so I let them write anything they want. Then we have to present it to other people and what I noticed is that most people tend to pick something like  actor/actress, business man/woman, entrepreneur which is good because the sky is the limit.

Then there’s possession or something like that. One of the facilitators keeps telling us to get high pay job because you can buy a big house, big care, sports car, privet jet, hotel or something like that.

Then, they show us a slide show about rich people. What they have, and everything. What bothers me is happiness was nowhere to be found. I mean, they told us to aim high, to get good job, to get what you want but how about happiness?

I mean, my dream is to be a mangaka, (manga artist) or a novelist. Even though my family asked me to take science stream as my main subject in school, art and literature is still what I aim for. Why? Because I’m happy when I draw or write.

My mother argues with me that an art artist or novelist sometimes are not worth anything if their work are crap. Well, I can’t argue long with my mom so all I said is, “there’s no use of being rich, having nice car, big house, or power, if I’m not happy”

I’m happy even though my drawings are like two squiggly lines, my short stories are bad and contain many mistake, but as long as I’m happy, I’ll keep doing it up to a point where I could be good at it. Maybe I will not be successful, or famous, or rich, but at least I could be happy.

When I was 7, my dream was to draw like one those artist from a manga. Are they rich? Well they are, because their manga is popular. But do you think money is that important to them? they could draw their hearts out, paint their feelings, show the world what they can do, and they did it because they love it and they’re happy.

Once I met an old man, who worked as a fisherman, his son is pretty capable of suplying him with food, money and such. But everyday, the old man still went out to the sea, and catch fish to sell it. I asked why. He said that he was happy when he manage to catch all of that fish, he was happy to see people came to his stall and buy fish, he was happy to talk with his fellow fisherman buddies every dawn, he was happy because he was doing something he love.

And I now I know what I want to be,
Whether I’m rich or poor,
Have a nice car or not,
Bungalow or a small flat,
All I want is to be happy,
Happy because I’m doing what I love.

Please, even you, when you were a child you wished to be someone, right? Do you think about money that time? All you was thinking was wanting to be someone. Someone happy.

Never let go of your dreams. Because they are made by the innocence inside of you.



Sometimes I want to walk home instead of taking the bus,

Sometimes I want to feel the wind blowing on my face as I walked under the vast bright blue sky,

Sometimes I want to wait till midnight to witness tomorrow,

Sometimes I want to eat ice-cream during the winter days with my fellow friends and doesn’t care about anything,

Sometimes I want to walk with my earphones set up and dance to beat of the music,

Sometimes I want to sit in a bus stop and just watch other cars pass by, people doing chores, the changing weather,

Sometimes I want to gather all my family members under one roof and watch as they laughed, smiled, talked, share, love,

Sometimes I want to sleep under a tree till the sun goes down and wait a little more,

Sometimes I want to bring all my friend over and do the most random thing we could think of,

Sometimes I want to hear, feel, taste, smell, watch, everything in motion,

Sometimes all I want is time, to do what I want,

Sometimes I stop and think if I ever regretted anything,

My answer is no, because it’s the life I choose to live.