Sometimes I want to walk home instead of taking the bus,

Sometimes I want to feel the wind blowing on my face as I walked under the vast bright blue sky,

Sometimes I want to wait till midnight to witness tomorrow,

Sometimes I want to eat ice-cream during the winter days with my fellow friends and doesn’t care about anything,

Sometimes I want to walk with my earphones set up and dance to beat of the music,

Sometimes I want to sit in a bus stop and just watch other cars pass by, people doing chores, the changing weather,

Sometimes I want to gather all my family members under one roof and watch as they laughed, smiled, talked, share, love,

Sometimes I want to sleep under a tree till the sun goes down and wait a little more,

Sometimes I want to bring all my friend over and do the most random thing we could think of,

Sometimes I want to hear, feel, taste, smell, watch, everything in motion,

Sometimes all I want is time, to do what I want,

Sometimes I stop and think if I ever regretted anything,

My answer is no, because it’s the life I choose to live.


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