A tiring day.


Hello everyone!
How was your day?
Mine was tiring.

Got 3 chapters of world history to cover and another few pages of additional mathematic on index.

Tomorrow is the sport day. The big event. In the last post, i told you that it was our sport week. But tomorrow is the big day where people will start counting marks depending on their team. It is probably the busiest day in sport week. Ever.

As you might have noticed, I’m no athlete. It was not necessary for me to come but since I’m the class monitor, i have to make an appearance just to check other people appearance. Great…. Just great.

I also have a part in counting all the marks for certain event.

It’s gonna be a tiring day.


Sports week.


Today was the first day of our sports week. It was suppose to be 3 days but the teachers want ramp it up a bit by making it one whole week of tiredness, pain, and useless appearance.

A lazy person like me who can’t even run straight doesn’t have to come, because the thing was only for athletes. Certified athletes.

But we have to do it for the additional points. The teachers said it was not about who’s good or who suck. Its about the spirit of sportsmanship.

Anyway, my feet hurts, my head is spinning and i think i got probably a dozen of homeworks i haven’t done.

Really? Homeworks on sports week? Where’s your spirit of sportsmanship?

Why noodle cup rules and it sucks.


Hey all!

Tonight I’m too lazy to cook anything so I went out earlier and bought me some noodles in a plastic cup.

Even though it has a higher price than instant noodles (the one you have to cook using a pot and everything) and has very little amount. Sometimes i have to eat two of them to be satisfied.

But there’s always a silver lining in every dark cloud. Here’s some of it.
1. Handy. It’s easy to carry the cup while moving. I like to eat outside my flat near the edge while enjoying the scenery.

2. No apparatus needed. No pot. No fork. No bowl. Just hot water.

3. You can get it individually instead of 5 in a pack.

4. In my country, there’s more variety of cup noodle than instant noodles.

That’s it.
See ya



2 post in one day? That’s impossible.

Not impossible for me. (^. ^)

Anyway, one of my local television station decided to burst everyone into tears on this fine Saturday evening by putting on Titanic.

It was a good movie. I can’t complain. It was rather annoying how Jack keep saying Rose every 3 minutes but hey what can we do about it. They’re sinking to their death.

You know what? Screw Jack and Rose. The only bit that makes me cut onions is the three musicians, the old couple and the captain.

This prove that the captain does sank with his ship.

Hard time and messy room.


Hello everyone ~

I’m back for about 4-5 minutes or so. The thing is, I’m really busy lately. I apologize for being inactive.

You might say… “updating a blog won’t take much time”

But I’m soo busy that I can’t even clean my room. (there’s photo evidence)

But somehow i can still find my stuff. =. =

Do you realize that there are things that might look like total chaos to others but look completely fine to you?

One of them is the room thingy. My room is messed up bad. My mom once said “there might be a snake living under there”.

But guess what? I’m still alive. And I can find my books easily without any problem whatsoever.

The other thing is food. I’m not a hygienic person nor a dirty one. But I have my moment.