2 post in one day? That’s impossible.

Not impossible for me. (^. ^)

Anyway, one of my local television station decided to burst everyone into tears on this fine Saturday evening by putting on Titanic.

It was a good movie. I can’t complain. It was rather annoying how Jack keep saying Rose every 3 minutes but hey what can we do about it. They’re sinking to their death.

You know what? Screw Jack and Rose. The only bit that makes me cut onions is the three musicians, the old couple and the captain.

This prove that the captain does sank with his ship.


Hard time and messy room.


Hello everyone ~

I’m back for about 4-5 minutes or so. The thing is, I’m really busy lately. I apologize for being inactive.

You might say… “updating a blog won’t take much time”

But I’m soo busy that I can’t even clean my room. (there’s photo evidence)

But somehow i can still find my stuff. =. =

Do you realize that there are things that might look like total chaos to others but look completely fine to you?

One of them is the room thingy. My room is messed up bad. My mom once said “there might be a snake living under there”.

But guess what? I’m still alive. And I can find my books easily without any problem whatsoever.

The other thing is food. I’m not a hygienic person nor a dirty one. But I have my moment.