Why noodle cup rules and it sucks.


Hey all!

Tonight I’m too lazy to cook anything so I went out earlier and bought me some noodles in a plastic cup.

Even though it has a higher price than instant noodles (the one you have to cook using a pot and everything) and has very little amount. Sometimes i have to eat two of them to be satisfied.

But there’s always a silver lining in every dark cloud. Here’s some of it.
1. Handy. It’s easy to carry the cup while moving. I like to eat outside my flat near the edge while enjoying the scenery.

2. No apparatus needed. No pot. No fork. No bowl. Just hot water.

3. You can get it individually instead of 5 in a pack.

4. In my country, there’s more variety of cup noodle than instant noodles.

That’s it.
See ya