The sad face of a clown.


Hello everyone,

It has been a few months since I write something. The truth is, I’m depressed. It’s hard to live with others expectation. When I was a kid, I live by the things I know, need, love.

Now, I’m surrounded by expectations, promises, threat, and even more.

As the clown, or someone who like to laugh or make people laugh. I found that its harder to laugh alone than to laugh together. Even the clown need a someone to make him smile. Even the clown need someone, just someone to sit with and do nothing. Let silence heal the heart that is filled with depression.

People are having a hard time coping with their life and job. Some overwork and lost track of time, lost the time to live. Some bought that stress from job and release it upon the people at home.

It’s depressing to know that I’m not the only one who experienced that. I’m here. I hope that you’re also here.

Sometimes, all we need is a time to sit back and just do nothing. Silence is powerful.

Even the clown have a sad face. Don’t think you’re safe.


3 thoughts on “The sad face of a clown.

  1. You know when everything seems not right, it is important to take some time to breathe and relax, to not make stress eat you up. cheer up! 🙂 Your writing is good btw.

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