Life 3?

In life,
Sometimes you have to take the leap of destiny,
Cause there’s a probability,
Changing your dreams into reality,
But you have to handle it seriously,
Or hypocrisy,
Will take all of your courtesy,

Crumbling your entity,
Changing your identity,
Taking your vivacity,
Sucking your vitality,

You lose all of your energy,
Left with nothing but lethargy,
People with empathy will only give you sympathy,
Love and compassion,
But it will only last for a fraction of a second,

In the end you are alone,
Stuck in the world that you have sown,
Crying over the things you’ve lost,
Over the road you’ve crossed,
But will you remember the time we spend,
When we were together back then,
Before the leap was taken,
Before the transition,
Before the transformation,
Before the modification,

Before you were buried under gold and greed,
Because money, power and pride was the seed,
The root, the essence, the foundation, the source,
Of all that malevolent force,

You’re known as the nefarious,
The notorious,
The villainous,
Just because you use some of your currency,
And abandon your dignity,
To increase your supremacy,
You even ignored the legitimacy,
Just so you could fulfill the so-called prophecy,
Where the one who has the most money,
Will end up with victory,

In the end,
You’ll probably die without a friend,
The only thing in your mind,
If you could ever turn back time,
You would probably live a helpless life,
But at least your life isn’t filled with strife,
You’ll get friends, family and a wife,

But it’s too late to change your fate,
Because there’s nothing you could do but insufflate,
And wait for the arrival of death,


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