(No name)

The main weapon is sensitivity,
In life it’s inside the list of priorities,
Some people cover up their honesty,
While some shouted out blatantly,

Are you even taking care of her heart,
The one that has no counterpart,
The one that loves you from the start,
Because what you’re doing is breaking them apart,

If you wondered why there are suicides,
Well let’s just say the feeling that resides,
Can’t be held in captivity,
In the end there’s no longevity,
And Constancy,

You might say they’re pathetic,
Feeble and miserable,
But who are you to critic,
Their lives maybe savable,
If only you would go all that trouble,
To liberate,
To extricate,
To emancipate,

To break the shackle,
The chain, the lock, the bracelet around their ankle,
That was hard for them to tackle,
To handle,
To seize,

When it’s all over just take my word and believe,
Someday you’ll feel the heaven’s breeze,


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