My rant. (-__-)


Hello everyone,
It’s exam week so there’s no space or time for me to write something here. Sorry 😦

Few days ago, one of my teacher keep saying “there’s only 2 type of people in the world. The one who work hard, and the one who doesn’t”

Being a not-so-smart student in a somewhat-smart-class really bugs me. When my teacher said those word, I immediately shouted (In my head of course) that I’m definitely not one of the people who work hard. Why? Because I don’t.

Is it my fault? Probably yes. Is it my fault that I can’t be as smart as other people in my class? Yes.

But at least I tried my best. Wait. You might be thinking. “if you tried your best, then it means you work hard right?”


The definition of working hard is ‘habitually working diligently and for long hours’.  I never studied for long hours, I never do my homework diligently. But I love learning. I learn and I enjoyed it.

But that’s not all. The teacher also said “No one remembers the one who came second”. Meaning? People only remembers the one who came first. First in what? Everything!

Is being first that necessary? Is there someone out there who died if they doesn’t get first place?

Life is not a race, it never is. It’s a journey. Enjoy it because it won’t last forever. But I’m not telling you to stop studying or quit school or anything. I’m telling you to enjoy life.


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