Stories. (Movie or Book)


Hello everyone..

What is scarier? Movies or books.

The other day I watched a horror movie.

Eventhough my eyes were shut almost the whole film, I’m pretty sure that the only scary part was the foreplay. (except the background music and excessive jump scare)

After the ‘thing’ showed up, like zombies, ghost, vampire, or anything that fits inside that category. I’m already bored.

Not bored as in “I’m brave enough to watch it alone” but bored as in “so that’s the monster..huh.. ”

For example, if you bring a lot people and watch a ghost movie. Everytime you bring that movie up in a conversation, they’ll think about the ‘thing’ and its just the same. Because all of you have seen it.

Now for the books. I’m not a big fan of reading. But once I start, I just can’t stop.

This morning, I read a horror story, it was just a short one. But it was pretty good. The details, the mystery, the atmosphere.

The thing about book is that they let our imagination do the work. For example, bring a lot of people, and let them read a scary story. There’s a chance that none of them imagine the same creature.

The thing is, we are most likely scared of our own imagination.

The gap between knowing the creature (in this case, creatures from stories) and seeing it is very small. In the movies, you can see the creature or monster but you can’t do that in a book (unless there’s illustration)

The gap is filled with our imagination. It is filed with what scared us most.

But book can’t do jump scare or any creepy background music can’t they?

If I have to choose between movies or books . I would choose none. Because I’m not a fan of scary stories.

Thanks for reading.

Have a nice day.