Sitting on the toilet again. Yes. Again.


Somehow I found myself writing this in the toilet. (damn bananas)

Anyway, I’m 20 hours away from my exam and I’m still waiting for my bowels to move.

It was not easy answering nature’s call. Specially when you’re in a line waiting to pay your groceries and the cashier is like “are you sure this is yours?”

To make matters worse, nature doesn’t call or knock. It just came around your doorstep and bam! You better find a toilet quick or suffer the consequences.

Luckily, I manage to ran all the way home, with more than 5 kilos of groceries.

Lucky me… -_-




Hello again.

Last week we had an end of the year exam. I should have post this sooner but I was too lazy back then. (Sorry :3) But the exam is not over, the thing will be continued tomorrow and probably will end by next week.

I wasn’t really working hard on this one. My main aim or purpose was just to pass it. I don’t need flying colours, black and white will do for me.

So, the questions wasn’t really that hard. It was just confusing up to a point where I would start drawing and send back an empty paper with some scribbles on it. (Yes, I did send back an empty paper to the examiner)

Although I have no chance of getting a higher position than I already am. (which is last) I don’t really care.

Anyway, tomorrow the exam will continue and it will last for a week before another month of torture comes. I just hope I will be able to endure it until the end year vacation.

Wish me luck.~