Hello again.

Last week we had an end of the year exam. I should have post this sooner but I was too lazy back then. (Sorry :3) But the exam is not over, the thing will be continued tomorrow and probably will end by next week.

I wasn’t really working hard on this one. My main aim or purpose was just to pass it. I don’t need flying colours, black and white will do for me.

So, the questions wasn’t really that hard. It was just confusing up to a point where I would start drawing and send back an empty paper with some scribbles on it. (Yes, I did send back an empty paper to the examiner)

Although I have no chance of getting a higher position than I already am. (which is last) I don’t really care.

Anyway, tomorrow the exam will continue and it will last for a week before another month of torture comes. I just hope I will be able to endure it until the end year vacation.

Wish me luck.~


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