The classroom and few things…



Have you ever sit in your classroom and just think?

Even though class is over, and there’s nothing more to do but you still found yourself sitting, thinking, and doing nothing.

I don’t know about you, but I kind of like it. There’s peace, even though the things before it (such as classes or teachers) are not peaceful at all.

But not everyone like it. Few of my friends choose other places to cool off. I guess each person has their own place to achieve peace of mind, even just for a second.

I’m out of ideas. Goodnight~
Have a nice weekend.


The midnight walk.



I live in a sea of lies, mountains of misery, under the darkness of the night with nothing to cover my fate as I wander on this wretched place.

I was alone. My only companion was the sound of my footsteps that echoed through the street. I found myself lost, without any sense of direction. As if I’m in another dimension, walking around, waiting for my decimation.

There’s no light, but the moon that shines atop. Someone, please don’t let my body drop, even though I’m losing the fight. So please, don’t let me die tonight.