The Halloween Knight


Have you ever heard the story about the Halloween knight,
It’s weird because no one has ever had him within sight,
There are stories but they are far from light,
So come close and let me set the story right,

The story was dated long ago, around October’s night,
especially when the moon shines bright,
There was a knight with armor that is covered with lead,
wandering across the battlefield with a pumpkin on his head,
Wielding a magnificent curved, slender, single-edged blade,

During the night of the living dead,
He ready his weapon for the threat ahead,
The armor he polished, the sword he grinds,
To protect the creature that is called mankind,

At Midnight when the clock strikes twelve,
The old bones of the dead ascends from the grave,
Suddenly a violent gust of wind blows the field,
Behind the wind was a skeleton warrior revealed,
Standing upright with pride,
The skeleton was twice the size of the knight,
However the knight shows no fear or fright,
Instead he was itching for a fight,

The skeleton swings his sword swiftly with might,
The knight evades and were completely out of sight,
He was completely covered by the dark of the night,
Says the skeleton it was a cowardly for a knight to hide,
Mocking the knight, saying his bark is worse than his bite,

Both of the creature cross their swords,
Metal against metal,
Steel bashing steel,
The skeleton delivers a powerful smite,
And ground trembles by the fight,
The Knight leaped forward and slashes the skeleton back,
Surprisingly the skeleton’s armor was still intact,
Bewildered by what he saw, He quickly withdraws,
Though the skeleton won’t allow him to do so,
It grabs the knight’s leg and won’t let go,
The Knight is now within the monster’s grasp,
But he casts off his chain and hook a nearby tomb with its clasp,
And pulled himself away,
He got up on his feet and says,
‘That’s one tough creature to slay,

He began chanting a peculiar spell,
And summons a creature from the depths of hell,
He grab a handful of sand,
And a fire spark in his hand,
It was small and gloomy and shows no threat,
But it began expanding and glows a bluish light on its head,
The Knight then waves the creature on his sword,
Engulfing it with the fires of energy that was stored,
The skeleton yawns and said ‘That’s all? Now I’m bored’,
‘Soon, the demons will talk about me in exaltation’
The Knight dashed forward and caught the skeleton’s attention,
He ordered the enemy to stop the it’s aggression,
The skeleton threatens the knight but he pays no heed,
It then attacks the knight with its amazing speed,
The Knight’s sword struck and somehow the skeletons bleed,

‘It’s impossible’
Screamed the skeleton who was indestructible,
‘I’m already dead,’
‘How could this blood be shed?’

‘I gave you life before I took it back’
‘I wanted to spare your life but I can’t do that’,
Hope to see you again after your reincarnation,
So we could battle once again,
Not as enemy but as friends,
The skeleton retreats and admits defeat,
Even though death is near,
It shuts its eyes and shows no fear,
He was relieved to be able to breath and to feel,
He accepts his fate that has been sealed,

‘Thank you for freeing me, my friend,’
He said as his body hit the sand,
The hollow skull sheds a single tear,
Before it disintegrate and disappear,

The knight was pleased as the threat is gone,
But he was sad for he is all alone,
Nevertheless, he carved a smile on his pumpkin face,
Before disappearing into the night without a trace,


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