Sitting in some restaurant.


Hello everyone.

I’m currently writing this in a restaurant near where I live. (There’s free wifi here and the toilets are full)

How was your day? Any screaming lately? Mine was full of it. I know it’s almost Christmas and all (It’s only the thirteenth) but come on, even Santa is still watching television on some igloo and you expect me to explain to your children why Christmas won’t come early?   (-, – )

Speaking of thirteenth, today is Friday the thirteenth. (Which is considered an unlucky day in Western and Eastern superstition)

I was walking around to find a place to write a new post and it started to rain. The rain was fine, it was more of a ‘light shower’ than a heavy rain. All of a sudden, there’s a pack of wild dogs who came out of nowhere started barking and running toward me. I was trying to act all cool because running during or after a rain is no good idea. I didn’t run, I was sliding on the cement and seeking refuge in some convenient store.

As I walk out of the store as soon as the dogs are gone the girl on the cashier smiled to me. ( ^ , ^)

Not sure about you but this is a lucky day for me.

How about you ? Any bad luck?

Season’s Greetings everybody.