Running from reality


Everytime I run, I wondered, who am I running for?

Who are we running for? For fun? Charity? Fame? Others or ourself?

Although I love running, I’m not good at it. I’m probably the worst runner you’ll ever see. But I still do it because it keeps me awake, keeps me alive.

I’m pretty sure everyone had experienced this. You start off slowly, and step by step you started to get faster and faster. Sometimes, you ended up sprinting. Why? ┬áBecause deep inside, there’s a voice saying

“You’ve done this far, do you really want to quit now?”

Everytime there’s trouble, I ran away in the middle of the night. Because everytime I run, I’m in my own world, a world where there’s no destination. Just me running around it and nothing else. There’s no problem, no fighting, no shouting.

It’s only me and the dead of the night.

There’s nothing wrong with running away from your problem from time to time.

Sometimes, reality itself is the problem.”

So everytime you thought of ending your life, take a run. Run as fast you can. Because life is a big race you need to prepare for.