Merry Christmas~~


Hello everyone~

It’s the 25th and you know what that means?

It’s Christmas~ ( ^_^)

I wish all of you who are celebrating it a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


A little look on “Log Horizon”


Just a little look. There’ll be no spoiler.

Today we have Log Horizon which is a japanese novel by Mamare Touno. The series follows the strategist, Shiroe, and the other players of the long-lived MMORPG Elder Tale after they find themselves whisked away into the game world following a game update. The world they once knew as a game is now their reality.

Shiroe (pronounced as Shiro-e) is a 23-year-old graduate whose bit of an anti-social, awkward guy. He’s a level 90 enchanter and usually act as a strategist and magician in his team. Traveling along side Shiroe is Naotsugu, a 25-year-old, guy who’s a proud pervert and a lover of panties (Claim himself as “the warrior of panties”) and Akatsuki, a girl who disguise herself as a guy before drinking a potion that enables the game to copy the actual appearance of the player.

That’s it I guess.

Don’t worry, Akatsuki being a girl isn’t a really a major spoiler considering they reveal it pretty early in the novel and anime.

Have a great day everyone. 🙂