Happy Chinese New Year~


Hello everyone~

Even though I’m not celebrating Chinese New Year but it won’t stop me from welcoming the Year of the Horse. ūüėÄ

*My neighbours just sent me a basket full of oranges.


ABC Award



This is actually one of my first try at these sort of thing so please cut me some slack. Thanks to Leap for introducing me the ABC Award. As a nominee we are then tasked to write about ourselves using each letter in the alphabet. And as all chain posts go, I will then nominate a blogger to do the same.

The official rules are as follows
    1. Download the award logo and add it to your acceptance post.
    2. Nominate a few fellow bloggers and share the award.
     3. Since the award is ABC, take each letter of the alphabet and use it to tell something about yourself.


Always busy – Currently facing the last year in high school.

Bland – I’m not good at making conversation. Depends on the topic though.

Charizard – is my all time favorite pokemon.

Dorama or Drama? – A big fan of J-Drama. Mostly comedy and action. (Tokyo Dogs, Stand Up, Hana Kimi, etc)

Endless Rain – By X Japan. I can’t speak Japanese nor understand it but this is one of the songs that I manage to sing during our so-called jam session.

Final Fantasy Fan – (Triple Fs) I love all type of RPG games. Even though I can barely understand any of it.

Gorillaz – A band that exist in a fictional world. The creators are real but the characters they represent are fictional. Hence, a virtual band of cartoon characters.

Hibi Chouchou – A rom-com manga I’ve been reading recently. To be honest, I was reading it for the art but somehow I got hooked after a few chapters.

I don’t have one – A smartphone.

Japan – Places I wanted to visit before death come creeping.

Kamijou Touma – For no apparent reason, he reminds of me Ueki and Natsu. (It’s probably the hair)


Loveless – Who needs them anyway?

Male – Yes. I do have a gender aside my gender-bending, voice changing, physical morphing ability.

Not a girl – Refer back to ‘M’

Orange – *Fun fact. The colour was originally referred to as¬†¬†ń°eolurńďad¬†(Yellow-Read) It was changed into ‘orange’ because of the fruit.

*I’m also a fan of Usami Maki’s work.

Procrastination – In the immortal words of Leap¬†“I practically thrive on deadlines”

Question – Leave further question in the comment. (If you have any)

R – In DRRR!!! (Durarara)

Singer – Wanted to be one.

Tales (of) – A video game franchise with multiple anime adaptations. The series are quite nice and totally something worth to look at.


Uniqlo – I heard about this somewhere but I can’t remember.

Vongola – Katekyo Hitman Reborn~~ (I once tried cosplaying as one of the vongola. All I had to do was wear a suit)

Water – Love rainy seasons, pools, beaches, waterfall.

X Japan – A Japanese band. Known as one of the pioneers of Visual Kei. I can sing almost all their song even though I have no idea what it meant.

Yuusha Yoshihiko – A low-budget, hilarious J-drama.

Zombies – A big fan of games, movies, novels, dramas, involving zombies.

Temporary Holiday

After some time,
I finally made up my mind,
She is the girl,
To come back from holiday.


Good evening everyone!

I’m currently sitting on a bench beside a swimming pool. (it was closed therefore I can only sit near it)

How was your holiday? Mine has actually ended weeks ago, on the second of January. (For those who are wondering, our school open on the second of January.)

Instead of slowly progressing toward the end of the year, our teachers quickly gave out multiple assignments and homework on the first day of school.

Due to some neighborhood activity, I manage to get a temporary holiday. (yay~)

It’s from Saturday until Wednesday. It may not seem much but it’s better than nothing.

To be honest, there’s nothing to do here than lazing around in my shorts.

(-, – “)