Death pathway

If I die in my sleep,
Please don’t cry or weep,
Hope you remember me,
And our little memory,
When I think about it, it isn’t that sad,
I didn’t hate one bit, of the life I had,

If I die, will I be forgotten,
Shall my memories be left rotten,
And my name no longer be mentioned,

Will you shed your tears for me,
Or forget that I was once a part of your reality,
Will I ever be remembered,
For the things I’ve done,
Not for the fact that I’m forever gone,
Be it good or bad,

Will you reminisce the time we ever had,
Would you tell me goodbye,
If you knew I would die,
Would you hold me tight,
And never lose me on sight

Will you start to hate,
And put the blame on fate,
All I wanted is for you to accept,
And move on as the damage is dealt,
There’s nothing to gain by dwelling in the past,
As they say, the die has been cast.



How time flies~

Crap! It’s May!)

How time flies so fast. 😦

Anyway, I’m free for a bit of time before I have to continue studying for an upcoming exam.

Probably post up a few things before going offline again. (And never showing up for ages)

I’m sorry for being a bit lazy recently. Luckily, my internet is up and running once again. 🙂

Good day everyone~