Around the corner

Exams are around the corner.


What is around the corner you asked?

  • Your dentist appointment.
  • Medical check
  •  That seemingly suspicious girl who have been following you all day.
  •  Examinations!!


Hello everyone.

What a lovely day we’re having. Hope you’re enjoying it as much as I do. Well…. I hope you’re enjoying it more than I do. I’ll be having a 2 week straight exam starting tomorrow and followed by another week of agonizing pain and torture. (Examination assessment by our parents)

Many have started hiding themselves inside bulletproof  bunkers to study, while others just take it slow and steady.      I’m pretty sure ‘others’ is just me. 😉

Anyway, some say it’ll be fine as long as you study earnestly during class and have done revision in between them. The thing is, I’m not that kind of person.

I’m screwed.                                    (The picture is from Nichijou BTw)

Wish me luck.

Good day everyone. 😀



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