(5/5/14) Exam Rants

Victory!            Kinda…

Anyway, hello everyone.

I’m back for another rant here. (the first one to be acknowledged by the title)

You know how certain written exams have a word limit to pay attention to. And somehow, we have a tendency to exceed the limit or did not meet the requirements at all? It’s like being tested.

Essays must not exceed 750 words.

NO.6 - 02 - Large 20


Bam! Created a 751 words essay.


4 thoughts on “(5/5/14) Exam Rants

  1. Maybe that’s exactly what the teachers want you to think 😀

    It was almost the opposite for me back then; I always fell short whenever the exam called for a word count, and very rarely would I go past the limit. When I write about something for too long I feel like I’m just going in circles.

    1. Most of the essays that have a limit is usually a summary. So the text is given, all that is left to cut something short and put it back together. So there is no concern about going in circles. 😀

      What brings you to this desolated place anyway? 😉

      1. Ahh. In that case, I guess that’s true. xD

        lol, the ‘google+ circles’ friend share thingy brought me here (and to some other places I haven’t visited in a while), and since I was here, might as well drop a line or two 😀

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