So, I met Bumblebee.
















Transformer’s Age of Extinction?

I’m transforming too)

An explosive movie with awesome cars, metal bashing metal, steel crushing steel and some foolish greedy humans.

Hello everyone, I’m back for a movie review. Because of a minor complications, my seat was in front of the cinema’s screen. (Like literally in front of it)

Crowded with people queuing and complaining on the ticket’s availability, I was not surprised to see that Transformer was selling like hotcakes despite the appearance of a literal cake shop nearby.

The movie, unlike the previous ones, does not cast Shia Labeouf as the main characters. In fact, we are introduced to a new family consisting of Mark Wahlberg and few others.



As the human starring, we have Cade Yeager who is an inventor played by Mark Wahlberg, his daughter Tessa Yeager played by the eye-catching Nicola Peltz. Not to forget, her boyfriend  Shane Dyson the awesome dude with some adrenaline issues and a rally driver by Jack Reynor. 

For transformer characters, we have Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, short scene of Ratchet, Leadfoot, Crosshair, Hound, Drift, few scenes with Megatron, Lockdown, Stinger and few others.

Anyway, moving on. The plot was a slow one. Considering it’s almost a 3 hours movie. (2H 45 M). If you remember my review on Godzilla saying it’s a long movie. (Bring a blanket, this is a long one too) However, despite its long runtime, there are still part that they still can’t bother to put it.

Anyway, the story began in prehistoric time with an unknown space ship dropping of metallic substance to the ground and exterminating what looks like the dinosaurs. The story then fast forward to current time, which is 5 years after the battle of Chicago.

The government has branded any robots as fugitive, even the Autobots. They even hire an elite unit called ‘Cemetery Wind’  to hunt down and exterminate any remaining ‘bots’ with help from an ‘outside’ asset. Originating from the same planet as Optimus, ‘Lockdown’ is a bounty hunter with a slight taste for fancy cars. (Lamborghini Aventador)

Minor spoiler alert.
The main villain here is, believe it or not, the humans. (The foolish greedy ones) Nevertheless, there’s always a shadow lurking in the background.

Yes, you guessed it. Megatron. He never truly died, his head is still well and alive, being researched by KSI, a research and development team with an obsession for robots and alien technology.

Meanwhile, Optimus Prime sent a message to every other autobot to hide as they have been branded as fugitive by Cemetery Wind and probably by many other Americans aswell. He was hiding too as an old abandoned truck. Coincidentally, Cade Yeager, found the truck and decided to scavenge it for old parts. After a few twist and crack, hey, a transformer! and the story continues.
Minor spoiler ends.

Anyway, I like the movie. Love it. And to be honest, it’s just because I’m a fan of the franchise. Sure it has that Micheal Bay gimmick. Explosions, slow-mo, more explosions. Hitting grass and bam, explosions. But if you’re a fan of Transformer from the beginning, doesn’t matter the animation or the first movie, then you definitely should watch this movie and enjoy it.

But, there’s always something bothering me. The lack of humans. Previous films have shown the army relentlessly trying to kill the unkillable transformers, or small details such as pedestrians or passing traffic. Sadly, it’s not in here. Age of Extinction is a great movie, but if you’re a fan of small humanly details, then you would probably be disappointed.

The roads are mainly empty, the streets lacks panic despite the 5 heavyweight robots running through. You see less humans. No more army, no more people in buildings or people in cars.

But wait, there’s a compensation for that. Awesome battles! Few dino-terror scenes, capoeira moves and a lot of guns blazing.

In short, not so much as a family movie. Action movie? Yes. If you think robot gore is still gore, then definitely not a family movie.

Have a nice day everyone. 🙂



Note to a crush


By the time you’re reading this,
I’m probably already dead,
My body could be separated from my head,
Blood could be gushing out of my streams,
Broke all my bones, shattered all of my limbs,

Tears would fall from your eyes,
As I left without any words of goodbye,
But do even you care?
Or are you crying just because it burdens your eyes to watch and stare,

I love you from afar,
A bit close,
Yet it’s not enough, unreachable just like a star,
You kept on giving promises,
As if I have a chance,
To take your hand for a dance,
Everytime I would be so bold,
You would carelessly put it on hold,
My feelings are yours to toy with,
While your feelings for me is just a myth,

You don’t even know me,
Everytime you look you would scrutinize all the fact,
And talk about all the things I lack,
You spread your stories behind my back,
Without the truth it’s still inexact,
Be it good or bad,
I’m not glad, nor sad, neither am mad.
But now I’m dead are you satisfied?
Your wish is granted, right off the bat,

I hope you have a good day,
As I have nothing left to say,


The two eyed cat



Since my phone is okay. Let me introduced to you, my sleeping beauty (sorry future wife but my cat is just more cuter)

She is called ‘two eyes’ for some obvious reasons.

Unlike many rumors the internet may have influenced you with, some cats do not sleep at your keyboard at all. They may wander there once in a while just to get your attention.

ShiroKuma Cafe~

I’m Back)

Hello everyone,

Today I’ll be sharing with you an anime that has become a favorite of mine since I laid eyes upon it.

Shirokuma Cafe is a Japanese manga series by Aloha High that was later adapted into an anime series. It revolves around the everyday lives of a group of animals mingling with humans at a café run by a polar bear hence the name ‘ShiroKuma’.

Anyone who has ever watched Crayon Shin-chan would immediately know that ‘Shiro means white. While kuma is clearly ‘bear’. (Thanks Tekken 😉 ) It’s either that or you actually know Japanese.

The characters are pretty generic such as Panda, Penguin, Grizzly, Llama, Sloth, and none other than PolarBear himself. There’s also some humans. (Some, like 4-5 sometimes)

img_0952The story revolves around everything from Penguin’s love life, Polarbear’s love for gags, Panda’s loving himself and being oblivious to the world, Grizzly being all macho and stuff.

It’s very un-linear considering it’s a gag anime/manga.

If you’re learning Japanese and can understand some words here and there then you’re in for a treat as PolarBear is someone who’s obsessed with puns.

Its not-so-linear plot is always helpful as you could always watch it from time to time without actually losing any fillers or information as you move along.

If you’re a big fan of gag anime, then this is a definitely must watch. 🙂

Good Day everyone~~)

Hobby Talk 1 (Characters development)

This is something new and pretty long)

Hello everyone.

I’m too lazy to write something else so I decided to just write anything on my mind. For instance, anime or manga characters, main characters to be pacific. (specific… -_-”)

Based on my own experience and observations, I believed that most, not all, just most of the main characters’ development in manga or anime usually began with a humble beginning. After a lengthy and numerous chapters on fillers, they will usually rose as a significant power or attention toward a certain fictitious world.

Many authors followed this when creating a certain story (even me whenever I’m writing) and to be honest there’s nothing wrong with it. But, there are some who choose

Characters like Kosuke Ueki, Makunouchi Ippo, Kurosaki Ichigo, Goku, and many more who I have no time to addressed are the ones who trained themselves to be powerful. Ueki starting with his so-called lame powers, Ippo with not being a boxer, Ichigo being a substitute shinigami,
and Goku being a kid with no memories.
(+plus, Naruto is also one of them)


There are also a few others like Miyamoto Musashi from Vagabond, Hanamichi Sakuragi from Slam Dunk who was practically nobody at the start of the series.

However, characters such as the Elric Brothers from FMA, Randel Oland from Pumpkin Scissors, Kirito from SAO, and that guy from Log Horizon (Shiro-e) are not like the ones I mentioned above.


KiritoIn their series, all of the characters are already somebody, somebody who you can depend on, somebody who can stand on their own feet, somebody who goes in guns blazing. Someone who already has a certain rank or achievement like being state alchemist, legendary unit, high level characters and so on.

For me, I like all of them. It doesn’t matter which type of plot the author took. I don’t mind reading someone’s inferior life turning into a hectic field of emotions and sufferings or a story where it’s just the protagonist kicking ass all the way through. (There is)

In short, there’s a lot of reason why one should like or admire a piece of work, these 2 are just the tip of an iceberg.

A simple story

giphy (1)
I’m Neither Happy nor Angry, Just sad)


It was during birthday celebration when I suddenly choked on a piece of cake that was supposedly the softest one in town. After that embarrassing scene, all I wanted to do was to go away when I caught a glimpse of an astonishing young lady walking across the room. Before I knew it, I was heading there, head first as bold as brass. Somehow, I got off on the wrong foot as my foot was on hers before slipping and falling down flat on my face. Literally.

I guess I managed to crack her up as she was seen giggling instead of screaming in pain, running away, or beating me with her handbag, like other girls would do every time they meet me. Tough luck, I know. I decided to put my chin up because the floor was dirty as hell and there’s no way I’m giving up now. I have come a long way, battled a lot of embarrassing moments to be defeated by a mere incident.

“You’re that cake guy”
She addressed me. Instead of adding insult to injury, she was rather shy or simply evading the fact that my life was too hilarious and sad to not laugh at. Being someone who could easily lose their nerve, I was able to keep it in during the entire conversation. We talk and talk, changing from one topic to another. We talked from A to Z but I was too much of a coward to ask for her numbers or locations, or anything for that matter. Before I knew it, I have fallen head over heels over this person. It was surprising indeed as she was wearing sneakers during the event.

Time sure flies when you’re having fun. Without notice it’s already midnight, the party has ended and the numerous crowd began to recede. Silence take place and the atmosphere has become dark as the night. She thanked me for a wonderful evening before hitting the road with her family. And in the end, all I got was a name and a memory. By the time I went home, I realized how foolish I am to not grab that opportunity. I’ve missed the boat and there’s nothing left to be done but to hit the sack.

Honesty! and some other things…


  Honesty is always the best policy unless your policy is “shoot now, talk later” If I’m correct then you have a serious gun problem. (Which is fine by me)

I have never held a gun in my life except for some airsoft and one of those guns that you get inside an arcade. (I rule those) Although shooting them doesn’t actually count as shooting a gun it’s always nice to show them (those digitized 8-bit criminals) who’s boss.

I used to travel the arcade. Yes. Travel them. Like an explorer with a top hat and an awesome moustache. Alongside my honorary steed while smoking a pipe of the finest quality.

To be honest, I don’t smoke. I have allergies, serious ones, and can barely ride a bicycle.

So yeah. Honesty is the best policy.

Nevertheless, you can always charge in guns blazing.

1st of June! and other stuff…

giphy (1)
t’s longer than you think it is.


Since it’s the first of June and my 80th post, I’ll be doing absolutely nothing. (Shocking I know)

Todo list :-

  • Do homework
  • Make more reviews
  • Get on writing
  • Start practising
  • Update regularly
  • Lose some weight

Happy birthday to those who are born on the first of June or the month of June. Hope you have a wonderful month filled with happiness and other stuff aswell. Everyone else, I know it’s just another month but take it as something to look forward to or probably start something anew.

Good day. 🙂