Honesty! and some other things…


  Honesty is always the best policy unless your policy is “shoot now, talk later” If I’m correct then you have a serious gun problem. (Which is fine by me)

I have never held a gun in my life except for some airsoft and one of those guns that you get inside an arcade. (I rule those) Although shooting them doesn’t actually count as shooting a gun it’s always nice to show them (those digitized 8-bit criminals) who’s boss.

I used to travel the arcade. Yes. Travel them. Like an explorer with a top hat and an awesome moustache. Alongside my honorary steed while smoking a pipe of the finest quality.

To be honest, I don’t smoke. I have allergies, serious ones, and can barely ride a bicycle.

So yeah. Honesty is the best policy.

Nevertheless, you can always charge in guns blazing.

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