ShiroKuma Cafe~

I’m Back)

Hello everyone,

Today I’ll be sharing with you an anime that has become a favorite of mine since I laid eyes upon it.

Shirokuma Cafe is a Japanese manga series by Aloha High that was later adapted into an anime series. It revolves around the everyday lives of a group of animals mingling with humans at a café run by a polar bear hence the name ‘ShiroKuma’.

Anyone who has ever watched Crayon Shin-chan would immediately know that ‘Shiro means white. While kuma is clearly ‘bear’. (Thanks Tekken 😉 ) It’s either that or you actually know Japanese.

The characters are pretty generic such as Panda, Penguin, Grizzly, Llama, Sloth, and none other than PolarBear himself. There’s also some humans. (Some, like 4-5 sometimes)

img_0952The story revolves around everything from Penguin’s love life, Polarbear’s love for gags, Panda’s loving himself and being oblivious to the world, Grizzly being all macho and stuff.

It’s very un-linear considering it’s a gag anime/manga.

If you’re learning Japanese and can understand some words here and there then you’re in for a treat as PolarBear is someone who’s obsessed with puns.

Its not-so-linear plot is always helpful as you could always watch it from time to time without actually losing any fillers or information as you move along.

If you’re a big fan of gag anime, then this is a definitely must watch. 🙂

Good Day everyone~~)

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