Note to a crush


By the time you’re reading this,
I’m probably already dead,
My body could be separated from my head,
Blood could be gushing out of my streams,
Broke all my bones, shattered all of my limbs,

Tears would fall from your eyes,
As I left without any words of goodbye,
But do even you care?
Or are you crying just because it burdens your eyes to watch and stare,

I love you from afar,
A bit close,
Yet it’s not enough, unreachable just like a star,
You kept on giving promises,
As if I have a chance,
To take your hand for a dance,
Everytime I would be so bold,
You would carelessly put it on hold,
My feelings are yours to toy with,
While your feelings for me is just a myth,

You don’t even know me,
Everytime you look you would scrutinize all the fact,
And talk about all the things I lack,
You spread your stories behind my back,
Without the truth it’s still inexact,
Be it good or bad,
I’m not glad, nor sad, neither am mad.
But now I’m dead are you satisfied?
Your wish is granted, right off the bat,

I hope you have a good day,
As I have nothing left to say,



2 thoughts on “Note to a crush

  1. Hi thanks for having the courage to write this post. I hope you are not dead. I know exactly how you feel I have been in your shoes several times and even though I’ve received treatment for my suicidal behavior I am going to be honest with you I still have floating thoughts every now and then. You are not alone.
    I am not a mental health professional I am just speaking from experience. It is okay to seek help and tell a loved one. I am here for you. Here’s my email address: feel free to email me to talk I am a great listener something I wish someone did for me when I was in you shoes a month ago.
    Sending love and positive vibes your way.

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