Transformer’s Age of Extinction?

I’m transforming too)

An explosive movie with awesome cars, metal bashing metal, steel crushing steel and some foolish greedy humans.

Hello everyone, I’m back for a movie review. Because of a minor complications, my seat was in front of the cinema’s screen. (Like literally in front of it)

Crowded with people queuing and complaining on the ticket’s availability, I was not surprised to see that Transformer was selling like hotcakes despite the appearance of a literal cake shop nearby.

The movie, unlike the previous ones, does not cast Shia Labeouf as the main characters. In fact, we are introduced to a new family consisting of Mark Wahlberg and few others.



As the human starring, we have Cade Yeager who is an inventor played by Mark Wahlberg, his daughter Tessa Yeager played by the eye-catching Nicola Peltz. Not to forget, her boyfriend  Shane Dyson the awesome dude with some adrenaline issues and a rally driver by Jack Reynor. 

For transformer characters, we have Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, short scene of Ratchet, Leadfoot, Crosshair, Hound, Drift, few scenes with Megatron, Lockdown, Stinger and few others.

Anyway, moving on. The plot was a slow one. Considering it’s almost a 3 hours movie. (2H 45 M). If you remember my review on Godzilla saying it’s a long movie. (Bring a blanket, this is a long one too) However, despite its long runtime, there are still part that they still can’t bother to put it.

Anyway, the story began in prehistoric time with an unknown space ship dropping of metallic substance to the ground and exterminating what looks like the dinosaurs. The story then fast forward to current time, which is 5 years after the battle of Chicago.

The government has branded any robots as fugitive, even the Autobots. They even hire an elite unit called ‘Cemetery Wind’  to hunt down and exterminate any remaining ‘bots’ with help from an ‘outside’ asset. Originating from the same planet as Optimus, ‘Lockdown’ is a bounty hunter with a slight taste for fancy cars. (Lamborghini Aventador)

Minor spoiler alert.
The main villain here is, believe it or not, the humans. (The foolish greedy ones) Nevertheless, there’s always a shadow lurking in the background.

Yes, you guessed it. Megatron. He never truly died, his head is still well and alive, being researched by KSI, a research and development team with an obsession for robots and alien technology.

Meanwhile, Optimus Prime sent a message to every other autobot to hide as they have been branded as fugitive by Cemetery Wind and probably by many other Americans aswell. He was hiding too as an old abandoned truck. Coincidentally, Cade Yeager, found the truck and decided to scavenge it for old parts. After a few twist and crack, hey, a transformer! and the story continues.
Minor spoiler ends.

Anyway, I like the movie. Love it. And to be honest, it’s just because I’m a fan of the franchise. Sure it has that Micheal Bay gimmick. Explosions, slow-mo, more explosions. Hitting grass and bam, explosions. But if you’re a fan of Transformer from the beginning, doesn’t matter the animation or the first movie, then you definitely should watch this movie and enjoy it.

But, there’s always something bothering me. The lack of humans. Previous films have shown the army relentlessly trying to kill the unkillable transformers, or small details such as pedestrians or passing traffic. Sadly, it’s not in here. Age of Extinction is a great movie, but if you’re a fan of small humanly details, then you would probably be disappointed.

The roads are mainly empty, the streets lacks panic despite the 5 heavyweight robots running through. You see less humans. No more army, no more people in buildings or people in cars.

But wait, there’s a compensation for that. Awesome battles! Few dino-terror scenes, capoeira moves and a lot of guns blazing.

In short, not so much as a family movie. Action movie? Yes. If you think robot gore is still gore, then definitely not a family movie.

Have a nice day everyone. 🙂




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