Liebster Award 2015



This is his fault for tagging me. (Just kidding 😀 )
(And sorry for stealing your image) 😀

This is the first time this humble blog has been involved in such award. (I have bad memories)

Anyway, The Liebster Award is a prestigious festival conducted by fellow bloggers to meet new writers and readers. It’s like a chain letter with benefit. Yes, think of it that way and you’re own your way to meet new people and interest.

Rules :

  • Thank the person who nominated you by linking his award and/or blogger              ✓
  • (Optional: Provide some background information and the rules on Liebster Award)       ✓
  • Answer the 11 questions provided by the blogger who nominated you               ✓
  • (Optional: State 11 facts about yourself)       ✓
  • Nominate 3~10 bloggers to do this, too
  • Write 11 questions for your nominees to answer and notify them of your nomination    ✓

(5 out of 6 is good right?)

Let’s get started before somebody pointed out my grammar mistakes. 😀


1. Has there been a seiyuu/voice actor that you really dislike? Why (not)?

– I haven’t seen a lot of anime due to my crappy internet speed so most of my ‘me time’ were usually spent on mangas and magazines instead. But, instead of talking about a seiyuu that I dislike, why not the one that I actually like? Well, that honor goes to Kana Hanazawa. And I only got to know her from Garden Of Words, a movie worth a couple of tears, which lead me to her other work such as Potemayo and Psycho Pass. (Actually there’s another reason on how I got to know her but we’ll discuss that later)


2. What are some of your least favorite genres? Or at least, genres that you tend to avoid?

– I already answered this at leap’s blog but for those who wants a short answer, it’s mostly shonen but sometime I’ll just turn a blind eye and regret it later.

3. Do you read manga? Has there been an instance when a scene/chapter has moved you that you couldn’t help but cry?

– Yes to both. ( T^T)

Sad sad


4. What do you think is a romantic deed (e.g. confession, kiss, hug, etc) in any romance anime? Why?

– A confession. I guess because it’s the moment where a simple answer, depends on what the answer is, could be the answer to all your problems but at the same time it could also be your sole problem.

This couple of people built up an unconditional relationship as friends and when one of them decided to break the barrier and (if they) got rejected, everything loses its meaning. Conversations are left empty, words are left unspoken and the relationship they used to have now slowly rotting away, waiting to be forgotten.

5. Do you have keep a MAL account? Follow up questions: [5.a.] If you do, show off your MALgraph awards (anime and/or manga, whichever is fine with you) by posting a screencap. Which award do you wish to level up next and why [5.b.] If you don’t have a MAL, do you have a profile on any other anime listing service? Why prefer that over MAL? (Or why not keep any at all?)

– Don’t have any. ( T^T) My internet speed is terrible.

6. Do you keep or wish to keep a pet/s? Describe your bonding moments.

– Used to have 9 cats. (Crazy cat guy, I know) After all of them left or got stolen, all I had was this one cat that got pregnant and give birth to more cats.

My cat made a nest inside my room the other day and because she was in the state of labor, she became really aggressive and cranky. So in order to avoid her fighting with the other cat, I had to close the door every time we feed them. Once I closed the door and fell asleep, leaving her inside. When I woke up, I saw this huge cat, stuck on the mirror. 😀 But she’s fine and gave birth to 3 healthy kittens.

7. In which of the 16 personalities (Myers-Briggs typology) do you classify? (Click here if you haven’t taken a test.) Do you agree with the result?


The introvert part is correct. 😀

8. Whatcha say?

– I wish to have adequate internet speed.

9. How did you come up with your username? Do you use other usernames in other sites?

– As a kid, yeah, I have a ton of username(s) I use but as I grow up and learn to forget password and usernames, I decided to just stick with one.

I got my username, nellpop, from an old online video game, Maplestory. (Ahh~ memories)

NormalPerson, however, was a generic name I came up with while trying to open up a wordpress account.

10. What do you do to unwind?

– I write, sing, run, and read novels/manga.

11. Do you hate these questions? Was this reward too troublesome for you?

– Naw, I’m glad because I have something to post 😀

11 Quick Facts About Nellpop (NormalPerson)

– I used to have a ‘Divinefist’ title using Kazuya in Tekken 5 : Dark Resurrection . (Thanks to his cheating-like-move the spinning kick that made battles far easier)
– I can’t swim
– I love sappy love song
– I’m too afraid to order from a fast-food place. (Or any place for that matter)
– I enjoy both Japanese and Korean music.
– I have a bad memory. (I tend to forget people’s name)
– I sometimes read two mangas at once, in interval. If one of it is a sad manga then the other one must be comedy.
– I’m not into self-photography (Which is quite weird from my friend’s perspective)
– My friends and I tried to cover X-Japan’s song and it ended up being a howl fest.
– It was a howl fest before we started spouting up nonsense that was supposed to be japanese.
– I have wavy hair.


Safe! And that’s it everyone. 😀
Thanks for reading.

*Unfortunately, because I’m still new in the blogging world, I’m unable to continue the death chai- I meant the award award as I have no one to nominate. 😦

However, if you’re reading this and somehow got interested, feel free to join in. 🙂





7 thoughts on “Liebster Award 2015

  1. It was fun though, right? 😀
    (don’t worry, I also stole that image from miharusshi xD)

    – I love KanaHana 😀 Probably my favorite female seiyuu, considering the number of roles of hers that I genuinely liked (Garden of Words!). You never told us where you got to know her, haha

    – Oh God, is that Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan? *remembers tears shed* >_<

    – Congrats to your cat and her kittens 😀

    – Feeling a little envious that you actually "run" to unwind xD

    – " I’m not into self-photography (Which is quite weird from my friend’s perspective)" not weird at all dude. At least for me. I don't really do selfies either.

    1. It’s different from the one I’ve seen around the web. Quite nice. 🙂

      – it’s a long web of connection from one simple read to another. It’s like the one I told you on how I got to know Yamapi (Or is it Shun Oguri?). Long story short, from Local television > Hitman Reborn manga > Akira Amano > She’s the designer for Psycho Pass > Dead end.

      King of thorns > Then there’s Garden of words (through your suggestion) > KanaHana as the female lead > Actually a voice actor in Psycho pass. Connection finished. 😀

      – yes ><. Found it while I was searching for depressing manga. I also read Deep Love but I stopped half way (Too much)

      – kitty galore everyday.

      – With a small mp3 player and some midnight songs, it's a perfect situation to be in (even though it's sticky and tiring)

      – I can't smile properly too xD

  2. Ha! My influence in this tiny blob of anime blogsphere runs deep. 🙂

    1) I do think highly of HanaKana, but she’s not a favorite of mine. But probably, my favorite role from her is Garden of Words.

    4) I beg to disagree. The response to a confession, if it’s a negative one, doesn’t make everything for naught. Everything has its meaning. The courage to confess, for instance, and the time the person has thought of finally confessing, is not all for nothing. Sure, the current relationship may change, or dissolve in worse cases, but depending on the person, it can be a stepping stone in life. I’m speaking from my own experience here. I got rejected once (or twice?), but what happened has helped me mature from that situation. If anything, I’m actually grateful that it happened.

    6) Awww. I love cats, too! Your story just reminded me of something similar that recently happened here. I have a cat and she gave birth to three kittens at the end of January. Sadly, though, one of the kittens died.

    7) Introverts, unite!

    8) Same here. Brofist!

    11) Gee, thanks.

    – I miss playing Tekken. I suck, though. My character was Lily, but I never got her past 5th Dan. 😥
    – “I can’t swim” Brofist
    – “I love sappy love song” I love Taylor Swift songs, bro
    – “I’m too afraid to order from a fast-food place.” May I know why?
    – “I enjoy both Japanese and Korean music. I have a bad memory. (I tend to forget people’s name). I’m not into self-photography (Which is quite weird from my friend’s perspective).” Are we twins separated by birth?

    1. 4) I got rejected twice by the same person. Hahahahaha *cries*
      7) Pa pap papapaaaa (miharusshi joined your party)
      8) *throws a handshake* awkwaaaaard.

      – I tend to forget what I was trying to order and ended up scanning everything on the board and making quite a line behind me. Once I tried to order something, I got it correct, perfect pronunciation, tone, body language and such. Sadly, it was unavailable and it ended up with me scanning everything again.

      – it’s like a drama. But one of us must be rich and i know it’s not me. :/

      1. 4) But life isn’t always about heartbreaks. Unwind from romance, you’ll see things at different perspectives.
        –I can see my past self there. The trick to that is deciding on early what to order and glue your eye to it while you wait in line. That way, you probably won’t forget you wanted to eat, and you won’t delay the transaction. You don’t even have to perfect your pronunciation, etc. to relay your order. I always order with short phrases and a nonchalant expression, and I always get by with just those lol. After all, fast food chains are called such because of fast transactions that prolly don’t welcome small talk with the staff.
        – I’m only poor.

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