The airport 

Being a frequent flyer due to my exile, I’ve been around airports long enough to know and to not plan my journey so I could hastily run towards the gate. 

Today however was different. My flight was scheduled at 5 in the evening and I took off from the safe haven of my couch at 1 with good prospect on the horizon. It was a good choice since it rained after I got safely into a bus. 

By the time I arrived in middle of the city, the rain had stopped and the sun was shining once more. A good omen, I thought. I took the city shuttle with 3 hours to spare and arrived at the airport with leisure. 

I checked in and took a book to read. By the looks of it, I was well bound to my destination on time. By 4.30 I took my ticket to the gate and was approached by another surprise. 

I was bumped. Now I’m on the 8 pm flight. 

Should’ve went out late. (-_-) 

Atleast free food and Internet. 


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