The evening of Eid


Hello everyone. As you may know (or not), tomorrow is the day of Eid. A festive day for all the Muslims worldwide and no, it doesn’t involve terrorism.

I’ll be a bit busy with grabbing free food so I may not post all day. But first of all, I’d like to say Happy Eid to those who are celebrating it and have a nice day to those who don’t. Hope your day is filled with many delicious, mouth watering foods and hopefully they’re free.

PS : Pic is unrelated. 😛

Whitey and Softy


(I know, I’m bad at naming)

It’s my cats. Not mine actually. They’re strays that heard the news from the other strays that there’s food in my house. 😛

They’d come around and we’d feed them. If they stayed longer than few days, we’d name them. 🙂

Thanks to mom.