A thought


It’s been awhile and I’ve been thinking of publishing a compilation of my poetry. I’m still in the process of getting a publisher for it. Self-publish is also an option but I still have doubts on the overall process.

Any thoughts?



What is poetry but emotions put to words,
An organized mess of emotions,
Blood written on paper,
Requires no convoluted plots nor counter plots,
There’s no need for intricate sentence,
Simply the purest, unadulterated thoughts,
Scribble down your demons,
Describe your hell,
In each labyrinth of person, is a story to tell.
Behind a smile conveys an unimaginable feeling,
Distraught emotion over the pain they’re dealing,
It’s a story that needs no introduction,
No ending nor solution,
Give it a hear, pay attention,
A simple question could change everything,

“Are you okay?”

My ebook! (or just book) 

Hey there! 

It’s been awhile since I posted anything due to hectic college schedule and just the fact that I don’t have a laptop to write on. Sad case, I know. 

But, here’s the good news, I’ve also started a new project of mine called ‘Perfect Strangers’. 

It’s a compilation of my short stories and poems ranging from one of my earliest to my most recent. 

It’s going to be an ebook of course, and I hope to have it ready soon. 😄

If you’re a fan of short stories or poetry, you can always read some of it here in my blog. I hope you enjoy them. 

Don’t forget to share and support! 🙂

Have a nice day there! 

The never ending journey


Am I doing the book justice by filtering the colour?

Not that the book needs it.

Here I am continuing the unfinished pages of Colorless while waiting for my last flight. For those who are a fan of the author, you might had heard his story on how the sudden thought of writing a novel came to fruition. Sure, the story itself sounded as if it was just another story in Haruki Murakami’s world. Mysterious and surreal.

But that’s a story for another day. (or if you’re up for it, search it up)

In my case, it’s the story of how I came across Haruki Murakami that I intend to share.

From the very depth of my memory, my first encounter with Haruki Murakami was rather vague. It wasn’t because I was an avid reader nor because I was into the realm of kafkaesque literature. It was simply due to my innate nature of clicking the blue link in Wikipedia. (hah)

It’s true. I have no recollection of how I got there, however, similar to a dream, I was suddenly infront of it, reading the Oedipus complex. That’s how I got to Kafka on the shore, the very first Murakami book that I read. Ofcourse, I was simply curious, not interested. Interest is as if I’m opening the book to finish it, curiosity is fiddling with the synopsis by back cover over a lazy evening.

I downloaded the e-book and finished it after a full month. It took too long, but the story was still fresh. Even now, it still is my favorite among the others.

If you’re into dark, surreal, and mysterious story. Go for Kafka on the shore.

Books and why I rarely buy them.~(゜_^)


(Found this world of warcraft novel inside a bookstore. 😀 sadly I was broke, I ended up just taking a picture of it)


I’m not a big fan of reading but once I start, I never stop. Just now, I went to a bookstore for some window-shopping. Instead of just standing near the window, I actually did get into the store.

I ended up reading a few books for hours. One of them is the book shown above. ↑ (Thrall~~) There’s a lot of good books like World War Z, World of Warcraft, The Alchemist, and few others. It’s like all the books I wanted to buy are only available when I’m broke.

You know what I hate most about buying books? Series.

Damn series.

Books like World of Warcraft, Light novels, J.R.R Tolkien work on the Hobbit and Lord of Rings, Diary of A Wimpy Kid, etc. If you bought one of them, you must buy the others. To make matter worse, not all of them are available on the same place. One you have to buy here, and the other are waaaaay over there and sometimes it’s not even there.


I guess I have to search again.