It’s 1 o’clock in the morning,
With my body lay upon bed,
Staring onto the plain ceiling,
Thoughts occupied my head ,
But neither of them help,
Many nights have I postponed my sleep,
To be awaken in a pool of sweat,
I gasped for air and found myself alone,
Like many nights before I ended up writing ramblings,
My dreams laid upon paper, thoughts into ink,
Not awake nor am I dreaming,
The night turned the darkest as my heart slowly sinks,
Here comes the inevitable thought of my demise,
Uncertain and unknown,
Like threaded fabric, my fate had been sown,
Every night I simply wait,
And every night my death is postponed


If I were to die

If today were to be the day I breathe my last,

Hold me tight, hold me close,
If the time were to come, it’d be too fast,
If I were to set upon the earth, devoured by dirt,
I am sorry; I did not mean to hurt,
If I were to die before you,
Don’t cry, let’s spend these last few days,
With everything we want to do,
Let our skin be shined by the sun’s rays,
Let the day be blessed with your embrace,
Attached with the widest smile on your face,
If I were to die before you,
Let me go, peacefully, in entirety,
I may had wished to be free, and fate had let me,
But though I despise the thought of you alone,
Without you, I am without a home,
If wishes were mine to begin with,
I’d wished for you to go first,
As I would not need to worry about death’s curse,
So I would not need to see you cry when I’m gone,
If I were to die before you,
In your embrace I went, in our room,
Then honestly, I had went too soon,
If I were to drown,
Death be slow, without a sound,
Beneath the ocean I could see the glimmer,
The amount of love we have around,
If I were to die before you,
Give everyone my love,
Tell them I’d watch from above,
But I fear there would be nothing but darkness.
And oblivion.

(if you liked it, feel free to check my other work. And if you haven’t heard, I’m compiling all of my work into a book (or an ebook). Wish me luck!) 


Death pathway

If I die in my sleep,
Please don’t cry or weep,
Hope you remember me,
And our little memory,
When I think about it, it isn’t that sad,
I didn’t hate one bit, of the life I had,

If I die, will I be forgotten,
Shall my memories be left rotten,
And my name no longer be mentioned,

Will you shed your tears for me,
Or forget that I was once a part of your reality,
Will I ever be remembered,
For the things I’ve done,
Not for the fact that I’m forever gone,
Be it good or bad,

Will you reminisce the time we ever had,
Would you tell me goodbye,
If you knew I would die,
Would you hold me tight,
And never lose me on sight

Will you start to hate,
And put the blame on fate,
All I wanted is for you to accept,
And move on as the damage is dealt,
There’s nothing to gain by dwelling in the past,
As they say, the die has been cast.