No Sleep 2


This is like the third post about sleeping. -_-

I should be sleeping right now but my brain is active at night. Specially if it’s holiday or weekend night. Not sleeping could cause brain damage. So please don’t try this unless you are an owl ( just like me )

So, midnight activities. to tell you the truth, I’m much more lazy in the morning rather than the night. There’s something about the midnight air that fuels my brain to work. Sometime I would lay on my bed just thinking of all the possibilities life could have given me and some of those possibilities is just ridiculous. I also draws stuff at night, write stuff, do stuff, cook and even bathe at the middle of night.

It’s currently 1:00 AM here and I’m the only one who’s still awake. It’s so quiet here even the sound my fingers are already considered as a public disturbance.

It’s funny how I used to love sleeping when I can’t get enough of it. But when I have all the time in the world to sleep, I ended up awake the whole time.


The First Post

As school holiday is nearing it’s end. I have to prepare myself for a new year. As my first post on this very site, I would like to talk about what happen this year.

– The Fear of Failing.
– To be honest I never like studying. But I don’t hate it. Its confusing for some. I don’t like it but it doesn’t reached a point where I hate it. If I were to choose between Competing in a 400 meter sprint race or reading a 300 pages history book, I would choose to read the book anytime. But I like reading. Few months ago, before the exam, I would hold on to a thick math book just to disguise my comic book inside it. When the exam came, I was nervous and shivering. My body was cold but I keep going. Since I only study a bit of everything. My situation is pretty much like going to war without weapons.

– Relationship.
– My friend always talk about their girlfriend/boyfriend. Sometimes my older sister, brother always asked me if I already have a relationship. I got one. I got a long term relationship with freedom and fun.

– Diet.
– I’m getting fatter by the minute. Damn you delicious food.

– Playlist gone wrong.
– Somehow the “shuffle” button is playing with me. It keep playing a bunch of sad songs. Which is bad because I was reading sad novels at that moment. I cried man.

– A moment to remember. (Saving the best for last)
– Back in November, I was invited to join a group of 17 Australian student including teachers as their guide. I was nervous because English is not my native language. I keep hiding my self from their view so that they won’t ask so much question about stuff.
The first day, we went white water rafting. The water is cold and the wind is blowing like crazy. But all those conditions only make the experience better. Luckily, I bought some extra clothes because after that I look like something that just came out of the washing machine. Before dinner, we set up camp that sound easier to be said than done. The poles was everywhere, poking people and stuff. In the end, after all of that hard work we just drop dead waiting for dinner.

The second day, we do a little explore race around the town. It was nice eventhough I has to run around finding for clues. The third day, me and my team was assign to find cockles near the beach. In the end, my team manage to get somewhere 3 – 5 altogether which was bad because the boss. ( the one who was in charge to show us the procedure ) manage to get around 40 without proper equipment.

The fourth and last day, we went to an Island to help clean it. We manage to collect around 100kg of trash. After all of that, we have the afternoon to ourselves. What would a  group of 15 year old teenager do when they have the afternoon to themselves on an island that have one of the most beautiful scenery they ever seen?

You can pretty much guess what happen. 🙂

Posing for the newspaper. If you could find me, you’re awesome.