Hear my plea,
Like you,
I sometimes think,
About me,

Don’t leave,
Don’t you see,
That I’m just another,
Stranger who’s not meant to be,

Who reminds me,
Of the one,
The way,
It once was,
The way we used to be,

Come back,
To me.

Flowers Underneath Your Pillow



Hand in hand we walk,
Heads high, hearts locked,
To a future we move forwards,
To a state we move towards,
Against the world we move,
Facing the horde,
Breathe in, and remember,
Life starts on the eve of discord.

Ps : check the whole thing out 🙂
Flowers underneath your pillow

Fake love, is love still

“Why were you in love with me?” He wondered. His morning coffee sat quietly beside his toast, unstirred and unflavoured.

“I honestly don’t know.” She replied. “I feel that, maybe ‘we’ could’ve worked out.”

“But we both knew how it would end. We knew we weren’t made for it. Life is too easy for it to be just that.” He replied. “So, why did you stay?”

“Because helping you, in a way, helped me too.” She sat there, hand on her cup of coffee, sipping it, letting the slightly hot liquid warms up her cold body.

“Why? What good could you possibly gain by trying?” The crumbs of his toast fell as he munches them down one by one.

She put down her coffee and wondered off to the distance for a moment, before looking back into his eyes. The ones she spent countless hours staring into before. “Catharsis.”

“Maybe.” She continued. “Maybe, all I wanted was to love and be loved. And to say sweet encouragement and words of wisdom, hoping one day I too would be as strong and as brave as the person I led people to believe.”

“To you, I was just an emotional wreck that needed help is it?” He questioned.
“Yes. You could say.”
He took his time, thinking on what to say next. The morning clock ticked away in anticipation, without the need of any permission nor recognition, time moved on.

“It’s kind of funny when I think back about it.” He finally spoke up. “In a way, I too was using you.”

“I wanted to have someone to tell me that it was going to be okay, that life isn’t as hard as I make it out to be, and that maybe it will work out in the end.” He continued. “And you fit the description.”
“So, what were ‘we’?” She asked.
Sitting there within the roadside café amidst the morning crowd, the two stood among the others. A couple of misfits, or rather, a misfit couple.

“Therapy.” He answered.

“It’s not your fault I’m like this. And it’s not mine either that you’re the way you are. It’s just that sad people attract one another.” He explained.

She went on, ignoring her sandwich on the table. “But still, what are the chances of it working out? It’s a big world out there, I’m sure at least 1% of them would’ve worked out.”

“Sadly, my dear, we’re not that 1%. We’re the rest of the 99% losers. We’re the ones who think love alone could fix our problems but was too oblivious to the fact that ‘love’ too was a part of the problem.”

“We were too busy playing ‘love’ that we forgot to grow up.” He continued as he finished the rest of his tasteless coffee. “Two broken hearts won’t fix a single one.”

“So, why did we bother at all?” She asked, staring onto him, looking for an answer.

“Because fake love, is love still.”


The airport 

Being a frequent flyer due to my exile, I’ve been around airports long enough to know and to not plan my journey so I could hastily run towards the gate. 

Today however was different. My flight was scheduled at 5 in the evening and I took off from the safe haven of my couch at 1 with good prospect on the horizon. It was a good choice since it rained after I got safely into a bus. 

By the time I arrived in middle of the city, the rain had stopped and the sun was shining once more. A good omen, I thought. I took the city shuttle with 3 hours to spare and arrived at the airport with leisure. 

I checked in and took a book to read. By the looks of it, I was well bound to my destination on time. By 4.30 I took my ticket to the gate and was approached by another surprise. 

I was bumped. Now I’m on the 8 pm flight. 

Should’ve went out late. (-_-) 

Atleast free food and Internet. 

Temporary absence

terribly sorry

Hello everyone. Some of you are probably wondering why I was unable to post any new updates or anything. (At least one of you? , please?)

Well, it’s because I got thrown out to college. -_____- (yay) (Not thrown out of, but rather into one.)

But I’ll try my best to bring new updates of my adventure on a foreign state. Stay tuned.

Passage of time

800_558Hello everyone,

It has been awhile since I’ve posted anything. It seems I was unaware of the passage of time especially when so much has changed. One, I’ve graduated from high school, two, I’ll be getting a part-time job soon while waiting for my results and follow-up plan for my ‘future’.

Anyway, since graduation I found out that there’s a lot of things you won’t notice such as the starting date of a new semester or school holidays, public holidays. Back then I used to waste time just to monitor these stuff so I could plan my weekend for even more time-wasting,

Yesterday was the first day of the first semester for first grader and probably orientation period for high school student and it struck it me hard…

…I’m getting old. 😛

The two eyed cat



Since my phone is okay. Let me introduced to you, my sleeping beauty (sorry future wife but my cat is just more cuter)

She is called ‘two eyes’ for some obvious reasons.

Unlike many rumors the internet may have influenced you with, some cats do not sleep at your keyboard at all. They may wander there once in a while just to get your attention.

Hobby Talk 1 (Characters development)

This is something new and pretty long)

Hello everyone.

I’m too lazy to write something else so I decided to just write anything on my mind. For instance, anime or manga characters, main characters to be pacific. (specific… -_-”)

Based on my own experience and observations, I believed that most, not all, just most of the main characters’ development in manga or anime usually began with a humble beginning. After a lengthy and numerous chapters on fillers, they will usually rose as a significant power or attention toward a certain fictitious world.

Many authors followed this when creating a certain story (even me whenever I’m writing) and to be honest there’s nothing wrong with it. But, there are some who choose

Characters like Kosuke Ueki, Makunouchi Ippo, Kurosaki Ichigo, Goku, and many more who I have no time to addressed are the ones who trained themselves to be powerful. Ueki starting with his so-called lame powers, Ippo with not being a boxer, Ichigo being a substitute shinigami,
and Goku being a kid with no memories.
(+plus, Naruto is also one of them)


There are also a few others like Miyamoto Musashi from Vagabond, Hanamichi Sakuragi from Slam Dunk who was practically nobody at the start of the series.

However, characters such as the Elric Brothers from FMA, Randel Oland from Pumpkin Scissors, Kirito from SAO, and that guy from Log Horizon (Shiro-e) are not like the ones I mentioned above.


KiritoIn their series, all of the characters are already somebody, somebody who you can depend on, somebody who can stand on their own feet, somebody who goes in guns blazing. Someone who already has a certain rank or achievement like being state alchemist, legendary unit, high level characters and so on.

For me, I like all of them. It doesn’t matter which type of plot the author took. I don’t mind reading someone’s inferior life turning into a hectic field of emotions and sufferings or a story where it’s just the protagonist kicking ass all the way through. (There is)

In short, there’s a lot of reason why one should like or admire a piece of work, these 2 are just the tip of an iceberg.

A simple story

giphy (1)
I’m Neither Happy nor Angry, Just sad)


It was during birthday celebration when I suddenly choked on a piece of cake that was supposedly the softest one in town. After that embarrassing scene, all I wanted to do was to go away when I caught a glimpse of an astonishing young lady walking across the room. Before I knew it, I was heading there, head first as bold as brass. Somehow, I got off on the wrong foot as my foot was on hers before slipping and falling down flat on my face. Literally.

I guess I managed to crack her up as she was seen giggling instead of screaming in pain, running away, or beating me with her handbag, like other girls would do every time they meet me. Tough luck, I know. I decided to put my chin up because the floor was dirty as hell and there’s no way I’m giving up now. I have come a long way, battled a lot of embarrassing moments to be defeated by a mere incident.

“You’re that cake guy”
She addressed me. Instead of adding insult to injury, she was rather shy or simply evading the fact that my life was too hilarious and sad to not laugh at. Being someone who could easily lose their nerve, I was able to keep it in during the entire conversation. We talk and talk, changing from one topic to another. We talked from A to Z but I was too much of a coward to ask for her numbers or locations, or anything for that matter. Before I knew it, I have fallen head over heels over this person. It was surprising indeed as she was wearing sneakers during the event.

Time sure flies when you’re having fun. Without notice it’s already midnight, the party has ended and the numerous crowd began to recede. Silence take place and the atmosphere has become dark as the night. She thanked me for a wonderful evening before hitting the road with her family. And in the end, all I got was a name and a memory. By the time I went home, I realized how foolish I am to not grab that opportunity. I’ve missed the boat and there’s nothing left to be done but to hit the sack.

Honesty! and some other things…


  Honesty is always the best policy unless your policy is “shoot now, talk later” If I’m correct then you have a serious gun problem. (Which is fine by me)

I have never held a gun in my life except for some airsoft and one of those guns that you get inside an arcade. (I rule those) Although shooting them doesn’t actually count as shooting a gun it’s always nice to show them (those digitized 8-bit criminals) who’s boss.

I used to travel the arcade. Yes. Travel them. Like an explorer with a top hat and an awesome moustache. Alongside my honorary steed while smoking a pipe of the finest quality.

To be honest, I don’t smoke. I have allergies, serious ones, and can barely ride a bicycle.

So yeah. Honesty is the best policy.

Nevertheless, you can always charge in guns blazing.