(14/5/14) If only it was April..

here’s 2 more weeks!!??

To those who were baffled by the title, I was referring the date being complete if it was April (14/4/14)

Apparently there’s two more weeks before our exam is done once and for a while. Tomorrow will be one of the biggest battle I’ll be having, which is algebra and biology (I think -,-”)

Anyway, the atmosphere here is very tense and it seems the only way out of it is jumping from the second floor and hope you can spend the rest of the day inside a hospital.

Sorry for the late post and here’s a few thing I forgot to say in the past few days :

  • Happy Mothers’ Day to all mothers.
  • Happy Teachers Day to all teachers.

Good day everyone. 🙂



(5/5/14) Exam Rants

Victory!            Kinda…

Anyway, hello everyone.

I’m back for another rant here. (the first one to be acknowledged by the title)

You know how certain written exams have a word limit to pay attention to. And somehow, we have a tendency to exceed the limit or did not meet the requirements at all? It’s like being tested.

Essays must not exceed 750 words.

NO.6 - 02 - Large 20


Bam! Created a 751 words essay.

Books and why I rarely buy them.~(゜_^)


(Found this world of warcraft novel inside a bookstore. 😀 sadly I was broke, I ended up just taking a picture of it)


I’m not a big fan of reading but once I start, I never stop. Just now, I went to a bookstore for some window-shopping. Instead of just standing near the window, I actually did get into the store.

I ended up reading a few books for hours. One of them is the book shown above. ↑ (Thrall~~) There’s a lot of good books like World War Z, World of Warcraft, The Alchemist, and few others. It’s like all the books I wanted to buy are only available when I’m broke.

You know what I hate most about buying books? Series.

Damn series.

Books like World of Warcraft, Light novels, J.R.R Tolkien work on the Hobbit and Lord of Rings, Diary of A Wimpy Kid, etc. If you bought one of them, you must buy the others. To make matter worse, not all of them are available on the same place. One you have to buy here, and the other are waaaaay over there and sometimes it’s not even there.


I guess I have to search again.

Sitting on the toilet again. Yes. Again.


Somehow I found myself writing this in the toilet. (damn bananas)

Anyway, I’m 20 hours away from my exam and I’m still waiting for my bowels to move.

It was not easy answering nature’s call. Specially when you’re in a line waiting to pay your groceries and the cashier is like “are you sure this is yours?”

To make matters worse, nature doesn’t call or knock. It just came around your doorstep and bam! You better find a toilet quick or suffer the consequences.

Luckily, I manage to ran all the way home, with more than 5 kilos of groceries.

Lucky me… -_-



Hello again.

Last week we had an end of the year exam. I should have post this sooner but I was too lazy back then. (Sorry :3) But the exam is not over, the thing will be continued tomorrow and probably will end by next week.

I wasn’t really working hard on this one. My main aim or purpose was just to pass it. I don’t need flying colours, black and white will do for me.

So, the questions wasn’t really that hard. It was just confusing up to a point where I would start drawing and send back an empty paper with some scribbles on it. (Yes, I did send back an empty paper to the examiner)

Although I have no chance of getting a higher position than I already am. (which is last) I don’t really care.

Anyway, tomorrow the exam will continue and it will last for a week before another month of torture comes. I just hope I will be able to endure it until the end year vacation.

Wish me luck.~