Books and why I rarely buy them.~(゜_^)


(Found this world of warcraft novel inside a bookstore. 😀 sadly I was broke, I ended up just taking a picture of it)


I’m not a big fan of reading but once I start, I never stop. Just now, I went to a bookstore for some window-shopping. Instead of just standing near the window, I actually did get into the store.

I ended up reading a few books for hours. One of them is the book shown above. ↑ (Thrall~~) There’s a lot of good books like World War Z, World of Warcraft, The Alchemist, and few others. It’s like all the books I wanted to buy are only available when I’m broke.

You know what I hate most about buying books? Series.

Damn series.

Books like World of Warcraft, Light novels, J.R.R Tolkien work on the Hobbit and Lord of Rings, Diary of A Wimpy Kid, etc. If you bought one of them, you must buy the others. To make matter worse, not all of them are available on the same place. One you have to buy here, and the other are waaaaay over there and sometimes it’s not even there.


I guess I have to search again.